Saturday, November 16, 2013

BAJI ~ Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Formula Face Mask

I received this in my September Lust Have it! sample box...
A specially formulated mask high in minerals to cleanse and replenish the skin. 
A combination of green tea and ultra-fine Australian Zeolite Clay, which helps draw out impurities  unclogging the pores whist cleansing and detoxifying, revitalising the complexion leaving it feeling extra smooth. 

Baji products are free from parabens, SLS's {what are they?}, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colour. Made in Australia, and are animal cruelty free. 

RRP $19.99, 79ml/120g. I received 50g sample in a very stylish frosted glass jar with a smooth silver lid. The 100ml full size product comes in the packaging below... The glass jar is so much more glamorous :)


Gently smooth a thin layer onto your face, avoiding eye and lip areas. Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply moisturiser. Use 2-3 times a week.

{Princess Fiona anyone?? :) }

My experience: 
This has a very natural/organic scent which is somewhat sweet.
The clay is incredibly easy to spread. The thinner areas dried very quickly for me and I could add a little extra to those spots to ensure even coverage.
After 10 minutes the clay had dried and paled in colour considerably. There was the tell-tale tightening of my skin as it dried.. and this felt awesome. To date, I think this is the tightest my skin has felt whilst wearing a mask.
Removal was very simple, I used a warm washcloth to wipe away the mask. It took very little effort. There was no residual scents and my skin was smooth to the touch.

I look forward to using this more often. Have you tried any other Baji products ?


  1. I've been looking forward to this review!! I love paraben free products, the product it self sounds good too. According to my research, SLS = sodium lauryl sulfate, it breaks the tension of water and adds the bubble to our shampoo. i read somewhere that it's mainly found in domestic cleaning products (more concentrated) but also in in a lot of skincare, make up, hair and dental products products (less concentrated), may cause skin irritations. hmmm

    1. thanks for the info Lily. You should try this mask :)

  2. Great review - I haven't had the chance to try any Baji products just yet, but this makes me want to!