Sunday, November 24, 2013

Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast ~ Bronze Fire

I purchased this Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast a while ago from Priceline. You can check them out online {here} for the recommended retail price $17.95... although, I would highly recommend NOT to pay full price!! Actually, I don't recommend them at all.

The Smoky ShadowBlast is a double-sided creamy shadow stick, said to be for "a bold and easy smoky eye".
Each end of the stick is shaped differently.
The rounded tip {and lighter end} is for an all over base.
The contoured tip {the darker one} is for is supposed to allow for more definition of the lash line and crease.

{swatch from original HAUL post {here}}
The pigmentation on the darker end is there. But truthfully, this product is so NOT WORTH the money! *gritted teeth*
These are almost greasy and they crease like no tomorrow, and really quickly! The packaging is woeful - both lids on mine have cracked and a piece has actually broken out on one end. The lighter end of mine is also broken, the actual 'shadow' stick, has come out and often sticks in the lid and I have to shake it back out and push it back where it's supposed to go.

I've also found that after applying the lighter colour to my entire lid, when applying the darker contoured end, I end up with a heap of the lighter shadow on the end of the darker one.... *sigh*... it's just wiping it all off!

These come in an array of colour sets, and I almost bought more than just the one when I purchased this, thankfully I did not. I've tried using them with primers, tried using them as a base for powder shadows, but they just won't work for me.
Every time I look in the mirror later in the day, I have to smooth out the creasing with my finger. Now that works really well, blends back in nicely, but leaves me with a dirty finger! No one wants that!

Covergirl.. I'm disappointed to the point where I want my money back. This product is crap, and you guys sell if for almost $18 here in Australia! Rubbish...


  1. I've had some issues with covergirl previously, their product was of such low quality, I've never purchased anything from them since. But golly they charged you $18 for that?! geesh. what a rip!

    1. hehe, lucky I paid about $10 for this one at the time, I think :) So glad I didn't pick up any more of these though!

  2. What a shame! I hate it when products look promising, only to be a total disappointment. :(

    1. I know! This would be a fabulous product... if it worked :(