Tuesday, November 26, 2013

lust have it! November 2013

wowsers Lusties... impressive box this month :)

This month my box was not squashed, love the pattern but seriously, I have no use for all these boxes anymore and they're now just going in the recycle bin...

Included in my box:

AVEDA BOTANICAL KINETICS Gel Cleanser RRP %54.95, 150ml & Hydrating Lotion RRP $79.95, 150ml.
These are the two little sample tubes, loving that they're not sachets. I'm currently trying to get through some facial samples, but these tiny samples will probably jump the queue. They both have a similar botanical scent. {samples 7ml each}

DAVROE Wellbeing Treatments Replenish RRP $11.95, 50ml
Intensive moisture-rich hair treatment. Says it's ideal for Normal to Dry/Damaged hair types.. I think that covers everyone :)
I've never heard of this brand, it's Australian Made & Owned - thumbs up! I'm looking forward to testing this one. {full size}

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub RRP $9.99, 150ml
I love the Palmer's Cocoa Butter range, and use one of the moisturiser daily. I'm happy to give this one a go.
{sample 15g}

LONVITALIE C3 Collagen Firming & Moisturising Facial Mask RRP $32, Pack of 5
Yay for face masks!! :) Y'all know I love 'em :)
I've seen this doing the beauty sub rounds, but haven't seen anyone do a review yet. I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on {sample 1 mask}

BENEFIT They're Real Mascara RRP $38, 8.5ml
Twelve months ago I was introduced to this very mascara, from this very company. I love this! If you've never tried it, you really should! I have already gone on to purchase this full-size and will repeatedly do so. It's by far the best water-proof mascara I have ever used, and I love the plastic spiked applicator.
{sample 3g}

MARY KAY Brown Definer Penicl RRP $17, 1.13ml
Lust Have it have stuffed up the product card, with a repeat of the Benefit mascara. So from the box, it's telling me it's suitable for sensitive skin and mine is in the colour 'soft black', but don't let the name scare you. It's really just a brown :) I'm looking forward to trying this, I currently use a much lighter MUA brow pencil, and I'm interested to know what I'll look like with darker brows. {full size}

MARY KAY Thinking of You Eau de Parfume RRP $30, 29.6ml
Two little sachet packaging, {I hate this packaging}, so even to have a tiny sniff I have to open one right up.. so I'm going to wait until I have my shower - no I haven't had one yet, I've been working out and couldn't resist posting this! The card says it'a s "fruity floriental fragrance" {and fragrance has been spelled incorrectly - Lusties.. proof-reading needed :) } I'll let you all know what I think - probably in an empties post in a mini review :) {sample 2x sachet}

MARY KAY Limited Edition Mary Kay Pedicure Set RRP $38, Pack
(we received a selection)...
Mine is the Soothing foot balm. I did see someone complain on FB that their foot product expires next month, 01/14 is on my product. Being a foot product I don't really care, and I don't see why Lust Have it should have to deal with anyone's issues on this.. provided they issue us with products NOT out of date, I think it's a bit rich to bitch that you've only got roughly a month to use it. Suck it up Princess and start lathering :)

Overall... great box!! As this is now the only beauty sub box I receive, I'm super happy with this month. I will gripe however that I would really like the boxes to arrive earlier in the month, but that's just 'cause I'm thinking next month's will be waaaay late with Christmas postage lol
There was also a couple of vouchers, one for a freebie if you order the Davroe product and another for some Benefit but I don't live anywhere near where I could use this... bummer.


  1. I'm really impressed with this box! A good range of products and samples sizes included are decent.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Agreed, really good example of what a 'beauty sample box' is and should be, I think :)

  2. yay we received the same box! LHI is the only box I'm receiving at the moment as well and I've been quite happy with the last few boxes!

    1. I was a bit upset when I un-subbed from BB, but LHi have made me forget pretty quickly this month :)

  3. I think we got the exact same box! I totally agree with you about wishing the box would arrive earlier! I bet the box will come late next month. :(

    1. Mine arrived on this day, Tues 26th, so next month, that's Boxing Day! Not liking our chances of getting another box this year lol

  4. Sounds like there's quite a bit of consistency here with boxes! I got the same exact one, and it's awesome. I also think that they could do a better job of proof reading the cards!

    1. The cards were a disaster! :) I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are already so busy organising a special December box for us all, that they overlooked it :D

  5. I got the exact same box but I didn't get the eyebrow pencil! I'll have to double check my card to see if it was supposed to be included! xx

    1. I realise I got a voucher instead!

    2. What was the voucher for? Hope it makes up for the lack of brow pencil, which btw - I am loving... :)

  6. A greta jam packed box this month and all the products are quality as well! I love the Benefit They're Real Mascara! My holy grail!