Tuesday, November 12, 2013

my new profile picture...

how often do you change yours? I think this blogger profile picture is my 4th... and I've had my other craft blog for years {FYI my first post was 2009}!! I also only changed to my 3rd photo last week, but this week decided after having had a play around with some makeup, that I would rather THIS ONE! :)

I've tweaked the colours {OBVIOUSLY!!}, my skin is quite patchy with red which I struggle to control so, I like to manipulate the colours in my favour :) The true colours are in the photos below....

As some of you will know, I'm a bridesmaid for my BFF this coming February, our dresses will be teal/mint and ivory lace. Sound absolutely GORG don't they!! I mentioned the INIKA pigment I received in my last Lust Have it! Box as it may be a perfect colour match! The wedding will have a vintage/50's theme. When it comes to makeup and the 50's, think pale skin, dark bold lips and dramatic winged liner and lashes.

Well, it'll be hot. Summer scorching, hot! We'll be tanned ~ whether fake or real :). And bold lips.. in Summer? Hmmm?
I didn't add any lashes, but they would have looked awesome! My liner def need some work! REALLY.. I SUCK at it lol! I'll list all the bits and bobs that I used.. made it up as I went but basically I used....

{LIPS} LOREAL PARIS Shine Caresse in Princess {swatches here}
MUA Undress Me Too Palette ~ I used the 3 darker colours on the bottom right side {haul pic here}
INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow in Mint Choc Cup {swatch here}
RIMMEL LONDON Glam~Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
ESSENCE Get BIG Lashes {?} I think that was the one!! :)
MAC Eyeshadow {the white shadow in the Leopard Palette I have} ~ Used a tiny bit in the inner corner..

Obviously this is the true colour of the top photo :) I decided against a bright lip, you've got to either have the eyes or the lips.. I don't do both....

Like I said, my liner technique needs some work! A lot of work!! This is not a look I would wear regularly, although I really love the effect of a winged liner.. I needed to add some highlight under the brows, and fill them up a bit more too..  
I have to try out a couple of different looks, we've got the option of the colour Coral to have a play around with too, so I might share what I create... What are your thoughts? Did I totally TANK with ther liner or what!! If any of you have any 50's makeup tips or looks that you think I should try, please share in the comments below xx

oh and btw - I used the Mary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover which we received in the September LHi box, this muck just wiped right off! :)


  1. I LOVE your new profile picture and your make up!! you look absolutely gorgeous! I very rarely change my picture.... i think i've changed it twice lol.

    1. thanks Lily :) I figured the old photo of me which was some random hot, sweaty Christmas Day photo was passed its use-by lol x