Monday, November 25, 2013


Hi bloggers, I'm sharing with you my first attempt at using nail wraps {or Nail APPS as this packet refers to them??}. My first experience with these types of products was around this time last year when I helped my younger sister put some on for a wedding.

Today I wanted to try these. My nails have all broken in the last few days so painting them wasn't real appealing with them being so short.

O.P.I PURE LACQUER NAIL APPS - Nice Tux RRP $19.95 {You can get these ones from Adore Beauty HERE}

The packet contains 16 Pre-Cut Strips.

"100% real lacquer in strip form! Pure Lacquer Nail Apps give an instant manicure with base, color, and top coat in one strip." 

1. Start with clean, dry, natural nails.
2. Remove top clear film; peel strip away from backing.
3. Place strip on nail and smooth.
4. Crease strip at nail edge; file off excess in a downward motion.

Use immediately after opening; air will dry strip out.
Remove with lacquer remover.

Sounds simple enough right? Well...
It really was. The strips were WAY too long for my nails, so I did the thrifty thing and cut them in half! Once I had one side stuck to the nail, I used some little scissors to snip off the rest, and removed the little end-tab-thingy and stuck it on the same nail on the other hand! I halved what I would have used otherwise :) After sticking them to the nails, you can see {in the photo below} on my left hand I'd filed off the excess on 3 nails so far, you can also see how long the strips are by adding each side of the matching nails together... 

These stuck to my nails fairly quickly and simply. The pinkie strip is a little too thin for my actual nail, it doesn't say on the packaging if these are okay to use over nail polish colour, but next time I might try painting my nails either silver or black to see if they'll stick and leave me with no bald spots!

I found that the tips of my nails felt a little rough, probably my fault but figure it was worth mentioning. And I had a little oopsie a few minutes after.....

I hit hit the edge of my nail straight on, and the end of the 'wrap' folded up and over a bit. I managed to fold it back over, but it wasn't going to stick, so I had to sort of scrape that little bit away. Still looks okay from a distance though. :)

I'll let you all know of wear time... will EDIT and UPDATE right here... Normal polish is lucky to stay chip-free on me for 24 hours, so I'm not holding my breath with these :)
EDIT/UPDATE: 24 hours after and these looked EXACTLY as when I'd first done them. They hadn't lifted, hadn't pushed back like the pointer did above. Basically, I was shocked to see that they were exactly the same!! Another 24 hours, and I began to pick :) I love picking polish off in large chunks, so it got the better of me and I wanted to see how much I could get off in one go! Sadly, not much. They really did stick to my nails. I loathe removing glitter polishes, so picking was a much better option. In the end, I only had to use remover on 4 half nails... and it was just like removing any other glitter! Argh! 

Really quick and simple for a special occasion, I will gripe however that I think these would be better as a little kit, include a cheapy nail file. Because seriously, these are not worth $20! I want for my $20, to be able to not need anything else...  so if I'm away from home, and I completely forget my polish, I can get these stunners in a packet with EVERYTHING I need.
Try and get them on sale or eBay or something..........


  1. These are cute on you! The Sally Hansen ones come with a little nail file in them. Did you run into that problem where they tried to curl up and stick together?

    1. these ones didn't try to stick to each other, I'll have to try and remember that when I try another brand. :)

  2. $20 is a bit much for these. I've tried fingrs and they stayed on my nails for weeks - although when I took the stickers off my nail looked a bit off... like it didn't have enough oxygen. I'd probably only use them for a one off/function kinda thing. I use the little scissors to trim the rest as well, the nail file did a crap job!

    1. I'm too impatient and like picking at my polish too much to leave it there for weeks, so I can't really say what affect they had on my nails... I'll be buying some more to try for special occasions too :)

  3. These are cute but I only use them as a one-night kinda thing for special occasions! xx

    1. These were cute :) I like stamping too much to use them too often though, not going to let some over-priced stickers steal my nail art thunder lol