Sunday, November 10, 2013

Princess Skincare ~ HYALURONIC ACID MASK

The Princess Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Mask is said to refresh, moisturise and rejuvenate. Princess Skincare masks are available in two varieties. The Green Tea Mask is optimal for weakened skin, to sooth irritations, nourish, protect and repair the skin.
The Hyaluronic Acid Mask if for pure refreshment for dehydrated skin.. this is the one I'm using today. 
  • Mimics the Hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps skin fresh and glowing
  • Helps maintain skin elasticity and firmness
This is my first experience with a cloth mask. Received in my October Lust Have it! Box, these are said to retail for $25 and are available from Insight Aesthetics HERE and are actually $27.50 individually, alternatively a box of 8 masks can be purchased for $167.20.. needless to say that this is so far the most expensive mask I have trialed..

As per most face masks, the instructions are fairly simple and with this particular product, there are easy to follow illustrations on the reverse of packaging and on the leaflet we also received from LHi.

This was super wet and slimy when I first removed it from the packet. The cloth mask was folded with a thin plastic... let's call it a cover. It's there to help keep the masks form and shape when first applying it to your face, you then slowly pull the cover away from your face, leaving only the cloth mask. I did have to tweak my mask a little once removing the plastic cover. 
This is a generous size, fitting right across my face with leftover to spare, fitted perfectly around my nose, the eye cut-outs are not too big - we want to maximize the wrinkle reducing! Around my mouth and jowls it was a little looser, so someone with a longer face than mine would be equally as covered. 


The mask was instantly cool on my face. It 'stuck' on nicely and didn't come away at the edges during the 15 minutes recommenced wearing time. I could feel it tightening my skin, and was incredibly cool and refreshing... 

After 15 minutes, I simply peeled the mask from top to bottom. I lightly rubbed my face with my fingers, just to distribute any 'sliminess' :) around a little more evenly. It is incredibly cool and I love the feeling of my face when it dries. There was no residue left once it had completely dried. 

Straight off I could see that the small lines around my eyes were smaller {almost undetectable - YAY!} and my skin felt amaze-balls!! 

Have you tried this mask before? Are there any other cloth masks that you think I should try? 
I definitively recommend giving this one a go... the large price tag is a bit of downer for me - I'm a little too budget-conscious to go out and buy an 8-pack.. but oh, what a luxury! When I win the lotto.. first thing I'm adding to my cart! :)

Check out my post below for links to an awesome Makeover Tool program! Just upload and makeover! Such fun!! :)



    try them. absolutely love them. or the skin food paper masks!

    1. thanks so much for the link :) I'll be sure to grab some to try x

  2. This sounds great loz! I've never tried tried any sheet masks..I'm missing out!. mum bought a whole bunch of japanese face masks, i'm keen to try!

    1. You are missing out Lily! I'm a lover of ALL face masks... can't wait to see what your thoughts are on the ones your mum purchased x