Monday, December 23, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday ~ Santa/Elves {also Dec 24 12 Days of Christmas Santa & Friends}

Happy eve of Christmas Eve :) Had a busy day today, just fitted this mani in while spending some quiet down time with the kids watching 'Turbo' on DVD. Very cute little snail :)

Todays ANM theme is Santa/Elves, and tomorrow's 12 Days of Christmas theme is Santa & Friends; there's no way I'll have time to do another mani tomorrow, so I'm combining the two. I actually missed the last 12 Days challenge {Xmas Decorations} so I really wanted to play along today.


Base: MUD Chili Pepper {2 Coats}
Topper: NATIO Valentine
Santa: SC Snow Me White, BYS Black Satin, TBN Yellow.

I wasn't happy with the MUD polish so decided to top it off with a coat of the NATIO Valentine polish which is a sheer red jelly, and added just the shine I was looking for :)
Still need a LOT of practice with my nail art brushes and dotting tools :P

Please stay safe xx


  1. I think you're doing just fine! Practise? It looks amazing! I can't decide if your Halloween or Christmas nails are better!

  2. Oooo I wasn't gonna use my natio nail polish but your mani convinced me! it's time to get into the xmas spirit :) have a great christmas if I haven't said that already ^_^

    1. its a pity the formula is so thin... that's why I layered it over another polish. Hope you got into the Christmas spirit x

  3. This is such a cute nail art look! I'm awful at nail art so i stay away from it but you're skilled, no need for more practice!

    1. am thinking I'm far from skilled, but thank you. There's a reason why I tend to only do accent nails :P lol