Thursday, December 19, 2013

Designer Brands ~ Glam Cluth

I thought I'd start with the DB Glam Colour Clutch to review from my recent prize pack.
I love the gorgeous design of this, and the overall concept is very smart and cute. Make-up Palette and Clutch in 1. 

RRP $14.99 The Clutch is available in 3 different colours; White, Silver & Bronze {what I received}. The scaled pattern areas are a smooth, shiny material which pick up the light nicely, and make it very difficult to photograph!  The remaining material is soft and somewhat fuzzy, like a felt?

The Clutch includes 16 Eye Shadows & 6 Lip Glosses.

The removable Makeup Palette {out of its plastic sleeve}:

I randomly selected a few shadows to swatch, they seem very pigmented and not too chalky at all... 

{L-R; 3rd from Bottom Left, 2nd from Bottom Left, 1st from Bottom Left, Top Left}

The Lip Glosses: From Top to Bottom, Left to Right of palette: 

It always amazes me that the darkest glosses in a palette usually come off the lightest! 

Once the makeup palette is removed you're left with a very usable clutch/wallet. There's the usual clear pocket reserved for ID or photographs. A handful of card slots and larger opening areas on either side. The larger pocketed areas on either side have inner 'wings' which allow expansion, though the clutch itself isn't going to allow for too much stuff. There's no coin pocket, but like I said, not too much will fit in here, so reserve for occasions when you'll mainly be paying by card :)

I can definitely see myself using the clutch, and I'm looking forward to trying some of those shadows out!!
I'll have some looks to share with you all real soon x


  1. Wow look at that pigmentation!!! an ingenious idea! ^_^

  2. That's really lovely - I think the bright colours are going to be great for the Summer!

    1. I'm enjoying using something other than brown!! these are real easy to blend, keep an 'eye' out for some looks :)

  3. This is really cute! The eyeshadows look so cute though, I love the pink colour you swatched! xx