Friday, December 13, 2013

I.C.O.N INDIA Curl Cream*

Okay, how do you answer the following question? Is your hair Curly, Wavy or Straight? Most of us can combine at least two of them, then there's the added Frizzy, Flyway, Brittle, Thick... The lists are endless.

Recently I've been testing out the latest I.C.O.N product to grace our shores, their INDIA Curl Cream*.
From their product release information:
".. the product line is know for intelligent style, offers a curl finishing cream the shapes, shines and enhances curls with the harnessed power of its exotic extracts and custom oils. INDIA Curl Cream fortifies hair structure effortlessly allowing curly styles as easily as it heals damaged follicles without coating hair in a crunchy film".

So what's my answer to the first question? Curly, Wavy... frizzy... :)
I've tried other 'curl cream' products in the past, the one thing I need to factor in is that I want to be able to leave my hair to air-dry. I do not style my hair daily, and for me, my natural wavy frizz had been a constant dislike about myself.
If you've tried any I.C.O.N products, you'll know that they have an exotic scent, nothing like the typical floral/fruity mixes we are mostly dealt with. I for one, love the smell. I'm aware that it may not be for everyone, but don't let that first whiff sway you away, it might just grow on you.

Here's my hair WITHOUT INDIA Curl Cream.... {my seven year old daughter thought it very weird to be taking photos of Mum's hair before school lol}. My hair was freshly shampoo/conditioned and left to air-dry. I'd say it's about 95% dry in this picture.

Again, after shampoo/conditioning, but WITH INDIA Curl Cream... my hair was around the 85-90% air-dried at this stage - only the real center was slightly damp. {This time one of my twin sons took the photos - excuse the crap in the background  :) }
My wavy hair was less frizzy with the added INDIA Curl Cream, my waves more defined. I'd liken the look to my hair when it's wet. It wasn't overly 'crunchy' though you have to honestly expect some sort of 'hold' with a product like this. There was a lot less flyways.. and I felt a lot more confident that my hair was looking wavy and not fuzzy :)

I haven't tired this yet with any heat styling... But I can say that I am looking forward to this this Summer. I have never been a fan of my hair after swimming, I get a lot of frizziness along my hairline and basically all over. This will hopefully allow me to go from pool to party without having to have a top-knot all Summer lol
I think for slightly wavy hair, you'll get awesome 'beachy-waves' looks and for really curly hair.. whoa! I think it'll work a treat!!

The I.C.O.N INDIA Range is available online from HAIR2GO. The Curl Cream retails for $39.95.

* Product received free of charge for consideration. All opinions are my own and your experience may differ than mine.


  1. I'm looking to put some more volume in my hair haha, but I am looking for something for my bean-sprout like fly-aways! This bottle looks like it's doing a fantastic job! Will it keep the fly-aways at bay the whole day?

    1. It does last pretty much all day in my hair, I couldn't quite believe the difference in my hair, it was like the waves were there on purpose, instead of just what happens when I do nothing :)

  2. Very nice! Love the length of your hair! My Asian hair, sadly, will never be that wavy, leave in treatment or not!

    1. I've always hated my wavy hair! :) This product would be great to hold curls you've made yourself too.. x

  3. Best curl cream ever. Too bad it's been dicontinued at Trade Secrets :(