Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Squeezing this one in...

Too busy finalising my Christmas shopping to paint my nails? Yep! Today I was, well, almost! I did manage a quickie manicure {and it shows :-/}.

 Base: Ulta3 {from Mini Pastels pack}
Sponging: SC Snow Me White
Stamping: Konad White
Plate: BM-H02

Of course this is for the 12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge.. today's theme being...

Check out THIS POST for more manis for today's theme x


  1. This is gorgeous and elegant! I can't decide which is my favourite out of all your christmas manis! love them all! ^_^

    1. oh, thank you Lily. I haven't really chosen a favourite yet either. It'll be a stamping one though as they end up so much neater and so much easier! :)

  2. What are you talking about?! Your manicure still looks stunning!

  3. Beautiful, as always! How do you do this with 4 kids around?!?!?!