Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A couple more EOTD using the DB Glam Clutch

I couldn't blame you if you're thinking.. "what happened to the other products she received in her prize?" haha, I've got sort of stuck on this palette for a while haven't I?
These will be the last I share with you from this one {at least for a little while, though I am interested to see if I like the other palettes I won just as much as this one}.

First up - a sort of Christmas theme.. though you'll see that the darker burgundy shade, comes out copper coloured on my skin. {happy bonus really! Another very usable neutral shade despite how it looks in the palette}.

 I was happy with this one, and found it very wearable, the green was so subtle, looking almost like oxidised copper. I used the three shades below to create this look, like previously, these wore very well for a budget product.

Next up.. and only a singular photo due to my atrocious photography skills :P
A little more glam, complete with winged liner, though you can't quite tell in the photo... geez I need to curl my lashes more often! lol

I think I've marked the wrong purple.. or perhaps I used them both, the top two on the right, not just the purple shade.. I can't remember! This was again a fun look, really quite wearable, I've been getting some lovely comments on my eye makeup. Especially from friends who only ever swipe a singular shade over the entire lid. 

So, I'll work on a review of one of the other palettes I received {original post here} and we'll see how they perform compared with this one. Thanks for stopping by my little blog-o today xoxo

Summer Colours Eyeshadow

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  1. Very pretty Loz, love the colour combination, really brings out your eyes. How do you take a close up of your eye like that?

    Jac x0x

    1. thanks Jac xx I don't take the pic of just my eye, I have to crop a head-shot smaller :)

  2. You've got your day and night look sorted there ^_^ I'm always envious of those who can pull on blue eyeshadows, I like both looks!!

    1. Thanks Lily. I've been really enjoying using some colour! Even better when the palette was a prize! :)

  3. It certainly looks like you're getting a lot of good use (and combinations) out of this palette! As to what Jac said, I was also wondering that! I can't seem to take proper shots without things going a little blurry!

  4. The 2nd photo ended up being a little blurry! :-/ it takes me ages to get a pic in which the colours look right :P