Friday, January 3, 2014

Belated NYE Mani :P

I did actually manage to photograph my NYE mani. Had an absolute awesome night with some of our neighbors and friends. The kids all made it past midnight {except the littlest.. she conked out around 11pm} and there were a few little bouts of fireworks around the town for them {and us big kids} to enjoy!

I was going for a glitter gradient, but my glitter was too thick.. ended up with a sort of glitter-dipped look ;)
Black: BYS Black Satin
Glitter: COLOUR by TBN Fool's Gold
Stamping: CG Passion
Plate: BM-H14

My poor little index nubbin lol! Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for it :)
Best wishes to you all for the coming year! xoxo


  1. very pretty mani ^_^ I was surprised that I made it past midnight on NYE! I never do! I stayed up and watched Star Wars after midnight actually lol.

    1. I do think I've seen the new year in for quite a few years... hehe.. at least I've got the kids to blame ;)

  2. I always love your nails! No exception - gorgeous mix of colours!