Thursday, January 9, 2014


HI bloggers, I've once again joined a nail polish challenge, this one being the Crumpet's GOT POLISH Challenge meaning.. Golden Oldie Thursday. All polishes used should be at least a year old, or, ideally, your eldest polish.

Today's challenge begins with PINK.

I've used my oldest pink.. well over a year old. BC Co. I haven't purchased this brand for a very long time. I know they're available from K Mart here in Australia, but I don't know much about the brand at all.
This is Shade 1. Why can't they just give them a name??

Anyhoo... I started with a plain mani - not something I have very often these days. The nails seem to be just screaming out "I'm boring!" :)

So I added some art. Using my oldest white Sally Hansen White On & my only black BYS Black Satin, I added some stamping leopard print. Plate m57. I added more pink in the dotted areas.

{left... left hand. right... right hand}
Yes, a bit of my stamping didn't come off the stamper so I had to add a little extra, that's why one has a lot more 'leopard spots' than the other. Although, now that they're side by side, it's not as obvious as I'd first thought. My right hand must be feeling pretty special right now, it's the first time I think any of the nails have made a blog appearance lol. Also my hands are not freakishly different colours IRL hehe!

Be sure to check out the other gorgeous manis for today's challenge below... and scroll further down if you want a sneaky peak at some decals I started making when doing these nails.

This is the 2nd time I've had a go at making decals.. I haven't used the first ones that I made yet. I had some spare clear polish 'sqares' and thought I'd try and made some decals the same as the leopard print I did above.
Here they are with the leopard print and the pink dots. You can see that I use an A4 Plastic pocket. The type that go in a binder. Anyways, I marked out some sqaures on a sheet of paper inside, so that I know where I've made the clear bases...

I've found that the 'decals' just lift off once dry. These were completely dry before I stamped on them, I had them in a little ziplock bag with some others that I'd made. I just placed them down and stamped on them. Then added the dots. 

I've since added the white polish over the top, and now have to wait for it to completely dry. When doing that last process, the entire 'decal' got quite wet again... so I'll have to let you know how I get on! Hopefully these ones won't be a disaster :)
Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. LOL shade 1! Would definitely be more appealing if it had a proper name! I've never really been a fan of pink until recently. Love your accent nail!

    1. I have a gorgeous pink lipstick called "doll face" and think that would be a great name for this polish!

  2. Love the accent nails! Great work on the decals!
    My first attempt at decals wasn't too successful - will have to try again soon! :-)

    1. Thanks :) now to get the decals on my nails!

  3. It's so clever and crafty! That pink's nice on you - it'd be a little too cool for my skin tone, I think.

    1. I really liked this pink. Wore really well too :) thanks for dropping by x

  4. Muy bonitas, e ingeniosas!!
    No conocía tu blog, me quedo por aquí ^^

  5. Woooo thanks for the tutorial! I deff wanna try that! And I love the leopard French accent!