Friday, January 31, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE - I Need You, Heart! Mask Sheet

I received this mask from the very lovely Leah.. if you haven't checked out her blog before, please HOP ON OVER :)

{ Excuse the hair across the top corner :P }

My first ETUDE HOUSE product and face mask! Leah and I share a love of all things face masks and I was super excited to receive this one.

This mask sheet contains 5 kinds of sweet berry extracts (Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry) full of antioxidants and vitamins for a lovely complexion. 
It smells divine! Best scented mask I've used to date.

You should apply this mask after cleansing, but I sorts skipped a bit of that step. My makeup had worn off mostly, leaving only my eye makeup which you can see in the photo :)
It's not the best fit for my face, the eye holes seem a little small, but it was pretty comfy and didn't slide around despite being very wet when I first took it from the satchel. The little strip under my nose would not sit against my skin and thus dried very quickly, and half my nose missed out :)

After 15-20 minutes the cloth mask can be removed and the remaining solution lightly massaged into the skin. After around 5 minutes I could feel my skin tingling, then almost tightening as the mask dried slightly. It was pretty hot weather and I had the air-con pumping so I don't know how much that contributed to the drying, I'm thinking not a whole lot as it dried from the top to bottom, as I would expect it to.

By far the best thing about the mask when it was on, was the scent. Not over-powering, just a lightly sweet presence. There wasn't a heap of leftover solution to rub in afterwards. My skin felt slightly cool - which was awesome in the heat! The main benefit I find after using a mask, is I feel relaxed :)

Have you tried this one?

I'm away being a bridesmaid this weekend, might be able to grab some pics to share, namely my 1950's inspired makeup! Have a good one, catch ya next week xox

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  1. Loz you have beautiful eyes. I hope your wedding was great fun, I hope there will be photos

    Jac x0x

  2. Oh yay, you tried it! Hope you're having a great vintage weekend!

    1. I had to control the urge to use it the day it arrived :) thanks so much xx