Thursday, January 16, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursdays - Stripes

Hey bloggers, gonna make this quick before I melt off my chair...

Regulars will know that I am useless at striped manicures, because, I am WAY too impatient to let the base colour dry before trying to add the tape! :) But, not this time. This time I made myself walk away and not return for a few hours! Yay for me :)

I didn't photograph my polishes this time, the base colour is COLOUR by TBN Amethyst  - not one of my oldest polishes but I did purchase it December 2012, so over a year ago! Top colour is LOREAL Jet Set Jet Perle... now, this polish is at least a decade old. Maybe older?

I really liked this, perhaps I should have a little more patience more often ;)
Thanks for dropping by, let me know what you think of my stripes and check out other GOT Polish Manis below...  xox


  1. Well if that is an example of you not being good at tape manis, I really need to get my act together :D - they look gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks.. I've already tried another taped mani since, and failed! Put the tape on while the base was still wet hehe.. am far too impatient to do them too often :)

  2. Your stripes are so perfect! :D

  3. This is gorgeous, how do you do it so evenly and perfect haha! Mine always fail! xx

  4. I love the colour combo! So pretty for a girls night out!

  5. I really like this color combination! And the stripes are perfect. :-)

  6. Gorgeous, as always! I don't think I could do proper lines like that - I don't have the patience to let them dry before applying tape!