Saturday, January 11, 2014

KARPATI BIO-INTELLIGENT Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask

KAPRPATI BIO-INTELLIGENT Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask was an extra added bonus in one of my recent Lust Have it sample boxes. I've never tried any of their products, but have seen others rave about certain ones.
Now, we all know I love a good face mask :)

From the packet"These unique and natural gel sheet fibers have a diameter of 20mm, which is less than the extra cellular space (50mm) of the skins epidermal cells. As a result this material resembles the human skin and is unlike any other mask treatment available.... is a combination of the ultra-soothing active ingredients to comfort and repair irritated, blotchy and fragile complexion..."

I cannot find where you can purchase these... sorry! 

Directions {as per sachet packaging}:
1. Thoroughly remove all traces of makeup with Karpati Cleansing Milk
2. Wipe skin all over with Karpati Sea AHA Lotion
3. Prepare the skin for further penetration with an appropriate exfoliating treatment product.
4. Remove Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask from in-between protective paper layers and apply from the forehead downwards to the central line on both sides of the face. 
5. For optimal results leave on Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask for 20-25 minutes without rinsing the skin and finish with an appropriate Karpati skin care product. 

So obviously not having a huge range of Karpati products.. I skipped a few steps :)
The cloth mask is very thick. It's packaged between a thicker plastic liner, and a more pliable paper liner. This particular mask had eye-flaps. That's what I'm calling them :)
The thickness of the mask made it continually lift away from my chin, and the bridge of my nose... It's not as 'slimy' as some others I've tried.
"Karpati petro-chemical free Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask is extracted and fermented from natural fruits and vegetables." It has a weird smell, almost chemical-like {in my opinion}. Its not overpowering at all, but there's a definite scent.
It had a cooling effect, which was most notable when I ran my fingers over the mask as I soothed some areas back against my face. 

I removed it after 20 minutes. My skin was cool to the touch, there was no residual product left to rub in. 
Overall, I was sort of let down by this mask. I like a mask to really interact with my skin. Have you tried this mask before? Did I get it wrong?

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  1. I love receiving masks from our boxes. I've never heard of this brand! MMmm..I don't generally don't like skincare or cosmetics that smells like chemicals and the cloth mask looks very plasticky!

    1. yes Lily... It really was plasticky! I hadn't thought of it like that, but it certainly was. Bit disappointed with this one :(

  2. It's an oddly shiny looking mask! Sounds like it could have been a little more exciting, but I imagine, for you and for me, part of the excitement would be in trying new masks in the first place anyway!

  3. I had on a similar sheet mask the other day and it made Alexander cry big time when he saw me!! Hehe. That photo just reminded me, so funny!