Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping the Girls entertained

Hey guys.. how are we all enjoying the return of the heat? It's MY BIRTHDAY today - just so's you's know :) Having a quiet day at home before school starts back for one tomorrow.

I just wanted to give my daughter and her friend some bloggin love :) A few days ago my eldest had a friend over for dinner until her mother had finished work... we did nails to kill a few hours :)

They both wanted rainbow colours and some stamping. I didn't keep track of what we'd used.. but here they are...

My little nail art in waiting enthusiast is the one on the right, telling her friend how to hold her hands so that i could photograph them lol

My DD wanted the bright yellow polish because it's called Call Me Maybe - and they sang that song at school :) Her bestie had matching rainbow and Hello Kitty :)

Was a lot of fun doing them for them, they each did each other's finger nails, and I'll admit I cringed the entire time!!

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  1. How sweet! I love how you 'cringed the whole time'. Haha!