Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stamped Tips

Hey guys.. just sharing a mani I did a few days ago...

Base: MUD tease me
Plate: CH21
Stamping: BYS Satin Black

I was pretty happy with my first attempt at stamping tips.. the middle finger is missing some polish {it was 45 degrees!} and I did smudge a couple of nails.. though I needn't have worried... 3 hours later I was left with.....

yep.. apparently swimming and water skiing {in the Murray River where I live in case anyone cares :)} .. apparently it's not good for freshly done nails!!! Boo! I had like 4 nails left when we got home. It was getting dark so excuse the crappy photo. Sometimes Seche Vite is the WORST product ever! At least it saves on acetone purchases I guess! lol


  1. Love it! Impressed that it came off in one piece!

  2. You did a great job! I still havent tried the stamping technique yet but I'm keen to try it as my free hand nail art is shockingly bad!