Monday, January 6, 2014

Summer Colour - Eyeshadow

Hi guys, just sharing yet another EOTD with you all.. sick of seeing my eyeballs yet? lol
Once again I've used the Designer Brands Glam Clutch palette. I'm really getting some use out of it, despite there being only 3-4 neutral toned shadows.

I've used these two shadows...

I struggled to photograph this one, I used the yellow on the inner 3rd and the pink on the outer 2/3. These shadows blend together so easily! In case any of you are wondering I use a brush set from Lust Have it! My review is HERE... {the eye shadow brushes are the only ones that are any good}.

I've been wanting to experiment with some more colour, but nothing too outrageous for the day time. The colours are easy to build, but I didn't want anything too heavy or bright and was happy with just this amount - creating a sort of rose-gold look. Looks so much better IRL.
Thanks for stopping by my blogyo today x

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  1. I love using gold, it's a great colour to use without looking overdone! very pretty loz ^_^

    1. Thanks Lily! You've changed your profile pic again! very nice :) x

  2. Those are some, uh, great eyeballs? Haha! Seriously, though, love the gold on you! I love the combination. Good to know that the brushes aren't all that great, incidentally - I was actually going to get a set!

    1. Haha :) I don't recommend the full brush set. They replaced the two face brushes of mine that shed, with two more that still shed. Not worth it. Thanks for stopping by x