Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wishin' ya all a Fairdinkum True Blue Cracker of an Australia Day :)

G'day cobbers... happy Australia Day! I hope you're all watching cricket, drinking XXXX, water skiing, swatting mozzies and eatin' flies... and that's just all at once :)
We've got a friendly BBQ planned with some mates later on.. a quiet one this year. When deciding on this year's Australia Day mani, I decided not to redo my flag from last year as I first planned, {See here}, and instead went with undoubtedly the most adorable marsupial this land has to offer.

I love 'em! :) They turned out exactly as I hoped, and BOTH hands look great! Must be getting better with my leftie nail art ;-)
MUD Tease Me, BYS Black Satin, SH White On.
I debated adding a little mouth, but was sure I'd ruin them all :P
Take care, enjoy your day xox


  1. Said it before on Instagram, will say it again - too cute! I love the little koalas! Can you do any other marsupials? Hope you had a great Straya day!