Friday, February 7, 2014

January Empties

Hi there fellow bloggers, I had plenty of empties this last month, though nothing too exciting, mostly the usual and 'drugstore' type products.

 CLEAN Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy - Total Nourishing Care Shampoo & Conditioner
I like both these, especially given their price. I find both react well with my hair, the shampoo cleans without stripping the moisture from my hair and the conditioner is nice, I don't tend to use too much like I have with other cheaper conditioners. Purchase? Yes.

DAVROE Well-being Treatments - REPLENISH Jojoba Creme Treatment
I love that this is Australian owned and made. I can't really remember what this did to my hair, I know it left it much more nourished than a regular conditioner and smelt really nice :)
Purchase? Yes.

I received a sample of this a while ago and went on to purchase the full size. But, I do not like the scent of this at all. After a while I couldn't wait for it to be all used up :) This performs just as well as any other Batiste product.
Purchase? Yes, but not in this scent for a while :)

PANTENE Pro V AQUA LIGHT Shampoo & Conditioner samples
I stopped using Pantene products quite some time ago, I never liked how my hair felt after using the conditioners, but... these were certainly different. My hair felt really good, without any build-up of product.
Purchase? Yes.

LOREAL Ever Pure Leave-in Conditioner
I didn't personally use too much of this one, it was serum-like and I didn't like it much on my hair. I used the bulk of this in my daughters hair after swimming lessons, made combing the knots and tangles out at lot easier.
Purchase? No

NORSCA 24hr Clear - Superior Anit-White Marking
This didn't do the job for me. I have a slight sweating issue (bought on when I had my twinnies) and this just didn't do it at all.
Purchase? No

DOVE Clinical Protection
I love this! My HG of stop-sweat products! I love the subtle cucumber (yum!) and green tea scnet, and that it can be used twice daily. Some of these types of products recommend only nightly use, but I like to apply this in the morning after showering too. Has really worked for me and I recommend anyone to try it.
Purchase? Yes! (Although I have grabbed the Rexona equivalent - not loving it as much thus far though).

CLEARASIL Daily Clear - Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash
I won this, and haven't looked back! I love it, very gentle, I'm going to purchase the scrub one to try also.
Purchase? Yes.

BLISTEX Raspberry Lemonade Blast SPF15
I remember buying this one, my lips were shredded and I needed something :) I'm not real fusses with what lip products I use, and I will admit that the only reason this has been all used up, is because it's been doubling at a cuticle balm :) I have a stash of balms so don't need to replace this one as yet, but I did like the scent :)

SWISSE Hand Cream
This is the 2nd tube of this, I do not like the scent of this at all, it was nourishing and fast absorbing without any greasy residue.
Purchase? No, but only due to the scent.

Le jadrin de Provence - Lavender Scented Hand Cream
My daughter bought this for me at a Mother's Day stall, sweet little thing she is :) Knows exactly the type of things I would like.

Every nail polish addict has this don't they? And although I love this - I also hate it!! Just the usual issues, my manis literally peel off after 24 hours (sometimes less!) and of course, half way thought the bottle it thickens up almost to a useless state! Tip: make your nail decals with this once it gets too gloopy
Purchase? Always

What a genius product. I received this from a fellow blogger (Temporary Princess). What a great idea. Not sure where I can buy this, but the general concept is a good one and this has opened my eyes to theses types of products. As soon as my nail polish chips/peels, I pick and peel until they are an embarrassing mess! I need to have a stash of these :)

How did you go this month?

*All products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. All my reviews, opinions, and everything expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. Your own experience may differ to mine.


  1. Wow some great products there. I love the Clear Shampoo and Conditioner. I was a big fan of Norsca growing up but I don't find the original smells the same anymore. Just wanted to let you know DJs has restocked their sampler bag.

    Jac xx

    1. thanks Jac!! I got one :)

    2. I hope you blog about it I think it's different to the one I picked up xx

  2. Wow so many empties :) you should definitely try out the Clearasil scrub, I am using both the scrub and the wash from that range and they're both great :) also I totally agree that Seche is such a love hate product...I hate when it goes thick and unusable at the halfway mark!

    1. I will def be picking the scrub up as well :) thanks for stopping by Sarah x

  3. I love your blog and I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award on Bloglovin! Check out my blog for details. xo!

  4. That wipe is definitely something else! Good lot of empties for January!

  5. great range of empties! I have a davroe product lying around somewhere, i'm quite keen to use it now. The big head conditioner samples I got from LHI didn't make my hair smell like anything.