Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pastel Leopard

So yesterday I attempted a Valentine's Day themed mani... twice! Twice I removed it, just wasn't feeling it, but today....
today I'm in LOVE with MY nails and not a damn heart in sight :)

If there was ever one particular design on nails that I love.. it's leopard print. In every colour combination.

Today's polishes are Essence Me & My Ice-cream in ICYLICIOUS & ALWAYS IN MY MINT. Stamping done with BYS Black Satin, Plate CH2

I'm so happy with the colour combo, and although the mint comes off a little sheer in the photos, IRL it's fine.
Thanks for stopping by my little old blogy-o today xx


  1. That's gorg! I'd wear that as a dress!

  2. this looks so good, you've become a real mani pro ^_^