Monday, March 31, 2014

ARDELL Natural Starter Kit* Review

Let's just put it out there.. I'm a complete NOOB when it comes to false eyelashes! That is why this great little starter kit was perfect for me to try.. and any other useless-with-false-eyelashes-girl out there :).

ARDELL Natural Starter Kit*

The kit comes complete with 1 Pair of Lashes (reusable), Adhesive and Applicator. I've never had any success in the past with lashes... so before attempting to use these I watched the following videos from the Ardell site...
How to Apply Strip Lashes
Natural Day Look

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to use. I started by applying all my eye makeup.. then the lashes. Instructions say to apply a 'thin' layer of adhesive, mine sort of spurted out a bit.. recommend 'priming' the adhesive tube before attempting to use!

I did struggle to get it to sit in the right place - I was too uncoordinated to use the applicator, especially as the adhesive had squirted out a bit too much.. but overall I thought I did pretty good :) You can see the false lashes on the eye on the right, I realise now that I should have trimmed them a little, I thought they'd be okay but just a little would have been better.

You can see where I didn't quite have it in the right spot! Oh well.. practice makes perfect I'm sure. I didn't curl my natural lashes, though I did have some mascara already on the lashes on the left, so that you could actually see them in the photos! It was a little uncomfortable in the very beginning, like there was 'something' there, but by the time I was adhering the other side, I couldn't feel a thing!

Both eyes with lashes...

Wow! I was impressed with the difference! These were so pretty and natural looking, I'm now excited to try something a little more daring from Ardell :) What do you think? I've never thought much about my lashes past using mascara, but I'm a falsies convert now!!

 I used everything below for my look...

If you're like me and have NO IDEA about false lashes, grab one of these kits. Practice will definitely make perfect! Are there any lashes that you think I should try? xox

* Product received free of charge for consideration.


  1. They look gorgeous on! I have to say, I was initially confused when I opened my falsies and didn't find glue with it - I didn't realise the normal lashes didn't come with glue! Quite a few other brands do, hence my confusion. That said, I have found this brand to be fairly straightforward to use so far, which makes it a leader in falsies for me!

    1. I'm looking forward to trying more :)

  2. Beautiful! they look very natural on you. Although you have amazing lashes as it is!

    I'm a complete lash noob too..l've never applied a pair of false lashes.... I don't trust myself with glue near my eyes!

    1. thanks Lily :) I was surprised at how natural they looked, especially with my dodgy placement lol These were the first ones I applied to the point of leaving them one!! All my other attempts were abandoned quite early hahah!