Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lust Have it! & Currently!

I'm sure by now you've all seen reviews of this 'box' which actually wasn't a box this month. That doesn't bother me at all, I have a stack of empty boxes already! So everything was bubble-wrapped and in a plastic mailer bag, mine fitted in my little Post Office Box... tiny!

KLARA Kiss Proof Lips RRP $29, 8ml
24 hour long lasting lips, I haven't tried this theory, because I received a HOT PINK shade :-/ swatch below
{deluxe sample 1.2ml - tiny. Measures approx 1cm square and without lid 4cm long}

BLOOM Eye Definer RRP $24
I received Dark Brown, this looks like it'll be good. Happy with this - swatch below
{full size}

ORLY Nail Lacquer RRP $18.95, 18ml
Mine's Purple Crush....??? It's HOT PINK.... not sure if the label is correct?
{sample 5.3ml}

AVEDA Intensive Hydrating Masque RRP $79.95, 150ml
Pricey stuff. And very little information! It says 'masque', it's a watery-gel, and I have no idea if you rub it in or wash it off!! Hmmm...
{sample 7ml}

GATINEAU Refreshing Melting Scrub RRP $58, 75ml
Another pricey product. It sounds like something I would enjoy..
{sample 15ml - makes this sample worth $11.60!!}

RECOVERLYTE Tropical Powder RRP $11.95, 10 sachets
Better than a Berrocca after a big night out? Not something I particularly need anymore, but perhaps something which could be used after the dreaded tummy bug...
{sample 1 sachet}

BLOOM Dark Brown Eye Definer, KLARA Kiss Proof Lips 04, ORLY Purple Crush (2 thin coats)

There is also a voucher for Runway Dream - Designer Fashion Hire. Sounds interesting, but I won't use it. So there, you have it. A TINY collection of goodies, not too keen on the lip colour and already have a few hot pink polishes so nothing new there either.. am happy with the eye liner and will try the other two.
What are your thoughts??

I just realised I missed this weeks's currently... so here it is :)

Thanks for stopping by today xox


  1. I love Orly Nail Polish but not to keen on the Hot Pink shade but find they last a long time on your nails without chipping. You are a lot kinder in your review than I was............Big Hugs Jac x0x

    1. Haha Jac, I love your brutally honest reviews :) I was initially happy with my products, always willing to give something a go... but the hot pink lippie.... Hmmm ;)

  2. Awww... I love the nail colour you got! Bit bummed about my colour - my review will be up tomorrow. I thought it was exciting when I saw it initially, but it's actually not that great this month!

    1. Yeah I'd seen a heap of reviews and was excited about my box arriving, but it fell a little short I reckon.

  3. wow two hot pink products, the nail polish looks quite pretty though! I have a pile of boxes too, they are sitting in my room collecting dust!

    Oh btw, are you watching Orphan Black? I heard it's a good sci-fi tv show... I might give it a go soon, since I've run out of stuff to watch - i started watching Resurrection too, I'm not sure if it's gonna get really good or really crap!

    1. I'd never heard of Orphan Black, looked it up on YouTube.. looks pretty interesting so thanks for the tip :) I've got a massive list of shows to catch up on! I missed Resurrection, friends said it was interesting, but they think it'll turn to crap, in their exact words "it'll turn into some Lost shit" haha!

  4. The polish looks really pretty! As does the gloss, but its a shame that its not a colour you like :(

    1. I had a lot of compliments, so perhaps it's a colour I should like! lol xox