Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NATIO Clever Stick SPF15

Hey bloggers.. sorry for the absence :) Do you recall my Natio haul? There was a GWP so I grabbed a few things to qualify and this particular product was part of the gift - there was a couple of different foundations to choose from, and I chose this one.

NATIO Clever Stick SPF15 - Beige 15g (RRP $16.95 David Jones)

I didn't have any stick foundations and I needed something a little darker for the summer and this has ended up being perfect! 

Unfortunately I made a little dent in the top when I first opened it, so now it's a bit of a mess! :) 
The foundation is incredibly creamy and quite thick. I'm calling this a medium to full cover for me. See swatches below.

I do find this a little greasy, but that's probably because I like a matte foundation, though in saying that, matte foundations sit in my pores and I can never get a flawless cover and therefore am still yet to find the one I love... 'scuse the old lady hands :)

{Natio Clever Stick - Beige}

{Natio Clever Stick - Beige - half blended}

{Natio Clever Stick - Beige - Blended without primer}
I can rid the greasiness with some matte powder very simply and it doesn't seem to return later in the day once it's been set. I do apply this from the stick with my finger and blend with my finger. I like to use a primer under my foundation but haven't in the pics above. Without primer, I've found this foundation to be much the same after setting...

Overall I'm very happy with this, the price is fair and I get a nice even cover which is build-able. I'm not a total fan of the formula, but it works for me despite that fact and a little matte powder to set finishes this off beautifully.
I recommend checking this one out if it sounds like something you'd like.. get in-store if you can and check out a tester to see if the formula is right for you. I purchased this online and have been pleased that I ordered the correct shade for once!

Have you tried the Natio Clever Stick? Or any other Natio foundations? There products are all reasonably new to me so I'd love to hear your thoughts... xox

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  1. This looks like it blends beautifully, I haven't heard of this before, but I use the Natio translucent powder all the time. x

  2. Clever stick indeed. I'll be heading towards natio counters after I finish my stick foundations!

  3. I've tried the Benefit play sticks and a Mac one... But I still prefer my liquid foundations. I just seem to get more coverage with them and they feel nicer on the skin as well. The stick foundations just feels a bit too greasy for my oily skin type.

  4. I haven't tried this one - I did use an old Maybelline one, back when they had it, before the Fit Stick. :) I found that a little cakey, so it's nice that you didn't note it with this one.