Thursday, March 27, 2014

So...?* Fragrance Reviews

Over the years I've had a lot of different fragrances, some of which have left a lasting impression, due mainly to the memories associated with them.. The fragrance I wore on my wedding day for example, whenever I smell that one, I'm filled with the joyous memories of our special day :)

When I was recently offered to try some fragrances from my past - the teenage years - I jumped at the chance!! I am familiar with two of the following scents, and like my wedding day perfume, these ones evoke happy teenage memories...

The original So...? Fragrance; one of the first teenage perfumes I ever owned, and one that produces happy memories of the fun surrounding that time if my life... I'm almost transformed back into a fun and flirty teenager :) With tangerine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, vanilla and orange blossom it's not a sweet, floral fragrance and therefore not my usual pick. I did have to look up what I was smelling in these, my nostrils aren't that talented lol
After 6+ hours, the scent was still very present on my wrists, and smelled much the same as when first applied.

So...? Kiss Me*
The second fragrance I am already acquainted with, and another that takes me back to High School. I cannot say with absolute certainly, though I have very little doubt, that this would have been the fragrance I was wearing at those important teenage times... deb balls, first kiss ;)
This one's a little more fun and flirty than the original, perfect for warm days with friends.
Top notes include Blackcurrant, pineapple and citron, centered around sweet vanilla and floral, over a musky, woody base. I love the fresh hit of florals when I first apply this, it settles quickly to a musky/woody scent.
Faded much quicker on my skin than the one above, I'd have to reapply this every 4-6 hours.

So...? Sinful*
I'm going to call this the most mature of these three. A lot more sensual and sweet, better suited for nighttime and the cooler months {though.. I'm gonna be wearing this in summer too!}, something I'd want to wear on 'date night' with the hubby ;)
Top notes strawberry and pineapple are present when first spraying this. Violet, waterlily and jasmine make up the heart of this scent over Creamy Vanilla and dark chocolate base notes. I definitely notice the sweetness of the strawberry, pineapple and jasmine, followed by the yummy vanilla. :)
After 6+ hours, I still couldn't get enough of this one... very present on my wrist and still smelling beautifully sweet.

The packaging on these is perfect! The solid bottle shape and rounded lids make these great for travel, and an affordable choice for your handbag or glovebox :)
I have heard longevity isn't the greatest - I was pleasantly surprised with all three of these, as mentioned... after 6 hours all three were still present on my wrists. I did find So...? Kiss Me to fade more so than the other two, but the prices make re-application more than achievable for most :)
RRP $4.95 body spray. $14.95 30ml. $24.95 100ml. Available from most department stores and chemists. Ideal starter perfumes for (though certainly not limited to) the teens, these have provided me with a very enjoyable trip down memory lane and have quipped my interest in other So...? scents.

Have your tried these scents? Do you have a favourite So..? perfume? I'll admit that So...? Sinful has won me over  :)

* Product received free of charge for consideration. 


  1. I received this in the mail too and i'm really excited to try it!!! It'll make me feel youthful, i'm a bit fan of fruity/vanilla scents - can't stand chanel no.5

    1. Feeling youthful alright! I am loving these :)

  2. I was wearing So... Sinful? the other day, and one of my co-workers complimented me on it! Thanks for the review - I was wondering which one you'd like the most!

    1. So..? Sinful is definitely my favourite!

  3. Isn't it wonderful how different scents have the power to bring us back to a point in time? I've never tried these scents before but they do sound lovely!

    1. They're such great little scents and so reasonably priced Trishie. I recommend getting a whiff of these next time you spot them instore xox