Saturday, April 12, 2014

In My Bag..

Wow... been a while hasn't it? I haven't had much time to blog lately. Kids after school activities, netball training at night twice a week, game day takes over my Saturday, and Sunday's our family catch-up day. And I wouldn't change a thing! I am loving being back on a team full of great ladies and spending time on ME :)

So, before I head off for today's game... I thought I'd share with you all what will be in the 'cosmetic' part of my netball bag today...

I like to keep it simple - we are after-all at a small town football/netball club. But at the same time I need something that will cover my BEETROOT coloured face and bring me back to life when I feel like crawling home and waiting for my body to shutdown!! :)
I've got some Swisspers Facial Wipes for cleaning before my shower; then some Laura Mercier Primer, Natio CleverStick and DB Natural Ground Minerals Face Powder for my base. Keeping the eyes simple with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, Models Prefer Eye Definer in Brown Suede, Benefit They're Real Mascara, some So..? Sinful fragrance and some TRESemme Hairspray and of course the 3B!! That will be used before my game lol
I have a stash of lip glosses so will be throwing on one of those too.

Last week we had stinkin' hot weather and the flies were so thick we all dined on them all game *gags*, am hoping today's slightly cooler weather teamed with a nice breeze will make it more pleasant. There's a reason why netball is a winter sport! For anyone who doesn't know.. I play in a regional league, in our local Football Netball club (AFL style of footy), where we have both home and away games. We play outdoors come rain, hail or shine, and I play defense (GD/GK). Last week we got a flogging! Fingers crossed our shooters get them in the rings and we have a win today.
Enjoy your weekend... do you play Saturday sports?


  1. Yuck about the flies! What do you think of the primer?

    1. I only started using this one last week when I'd finished my tiny little L'Oreal samples, will have to test it a bit more before I decide... x

  2. i would have never guessed the mineral face powder was DB!

    I love netball but was never good at it!! I stopped doing sports after I left high school, I miss it though. Everyone is going to the gym... it doesn't sound too appealing me to. i'm thinking of picking up archery again... I don't know if it'll keep me fit lol.

    1. It's actually a pretty good powder too.. one of the ones with the grater thingy in it. Archery is pretty cool, I'm not real good at netball either lol but I do love it :)