Thursday, April 3, 2014

Paint it Blue - Autism Awareness Month

Hey guys, if you didn't know, April 1st marked the beginning of Autism Awareness Month.

You can show your support and help raise awareness by joining in at the Paint It Blue! Facebook page, using the #paintitblue & #bluenailsforautism hashtags or by blogging your designs.

I've gone with a little bit of leopard. The colour isn't quite as bright IRL, if you click the link to my Instagram you can see a photo there which depicts a much truer tone.
Base: NATIO Indigo
Silver: Chick - Biker Chic
Black: BYS Black Satin

I hope to see you all joining in so together we can raise awareness xox


  1. I love your mani ^_^ blue looks great on your hand! I did therapy with a 7 year girl with autism spectrum for a year, therapy went for 4 hours but it would feel like 10hours. I'd get so drained afterwards, she did my head in, but when she did things I taught her it was incredibly rewarding.

    1. Thanks Lily, and good on you! xox

  2. Wow this is such a gorgeous manicure xx

  3. I love it! Saw it on Instagram, but even better larger.