Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Last weeks Priceline haul saw me pick up the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner pen. I mentioned recently that I've lost my liquid liner.. how does one lose their liquid liner? In order to qualify for the beauty bag I picked this one up in Blackest Black.

Apologies for the terrible photos, I took them at night and didn't realise the one above was blurry!
This is my first experience with a liner of this type.. the thin brush tip is like a marker pen. And should therefore be really simple to use!
The continuous flow is 100% smudge proof, wears all day and is waterproof. Once on my lids, this baby stays put!
Said to be easily removed, it does take a decent eye makeup remover to get this off.

Just some random lines for my swatch. This is not very opaque and I find I 'go over' it again to get a decent dark cover. You might be able to tell in the top half of the photo that I have attempted to smudge them, it really does stay put. 
I'll try and manage an eye look using this liner soon 

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  1. Shame about it not being opaque, particularly for something called 'Blackest Black'.