Saturday, May 31, 2014

Milky Mocha Matte

If you recall I described this Polished London Milky Mocha* polish as delicious - I just want to eat it. Well, those thoughts were doubled when I used a matte top coat.. how chocolaty does it look now!  

I don't have the best Matte Top Coat - it's a BYS polish which I've added cornflour too to make it more matte, and it could definitely use some more. Therefor I don't recommend the BYS Matte Top Coat, and why I'm in need of a new one. 
Here's a comparison with a glossy photo from my original review post..

If there was ever a way to get more from your polishes, its to try a matte top coat.. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope I've succeeded in making your mouths water for some Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate lol 


  1. this is a really pretty colour, love your new header loz!