Thursday, May 29, 2014

Products No Longer Worthy of the Cabinet Space - Product Graveyard #3

Last week I was sent some products for trial, upon opening my bathroom cabinet, it became abundantly clear that something had to give...

an hour later - all neatly packed in new baskets, sample boxes and cosmetic bags - my cabinet looked gorgeous, but there was some leftovers, here they are...

MUA Lipsticks - actually had a reaction to these, my lips blistered - eeew!
Designer Brands Eye/Gloss Palette - actually not that bad, but after winning a huge prize from them, this never gets used.
Camoflage colour Lip Gloss - came in sample box - horrible sticky cheap crap.
Sanctuary Spa BB Cream - from another sample box, too dark and orange for me - such a waste.
Covergirl TruBlend Minerals blush - I like this, but NEVER use it, so it's going.
Makeup NYC Kiss Lipsitck - OLD!
Mode 2 in 1 foundation & concealer stick - purchased for daughters dance concert. Not used since.
BYS Foundation - I have soooo many, the cheapy ones can go!
Revlon Skinlights Shimmer Powder - as above with the mineral blush, like it, but NEVER use it.
Smitten Cosmetics Whipped Foundation - from sample box - never liked this.
Maybelline Mineral Powder - old as the hills, not sure how it's gone unnoticed in the back for so long!
MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette - zero colour payoff, these are horrible shadows - love the Undress Me Too palette though!
Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - there's a clear one that goes with. So old - never worked either!
Lip Pencils x3 (L'Oreal, Kiss & Misc) and DB Glimmer Sticks Brow Definer - all dried out...
CoverGirl Smoothers Lipsitck - reckon this is one of the first lipsticks I bought... :-/
Misc Eyeshadow trio - loved these pink toned but it's long been forgotten, time to go.
FoA Single Shadow Scandal - Great matte shadow! Old as!
Makeup MYC Kiss Dusting Powder - I haven't used this for years!

It's tough to let go sometimes, even cosmetics :) It's a shame to toss out darker foundations that have nothing wrong with them, but I don't know anyone else who would use them, so thanks anyway sample boxes... Good riddance old and crappy products.. make way for the new! :)
Does your cabinet need a good clean out? Have foundations the wrong colour, lip-glosses that are just crap, old liners or shadows that never really worked for you? Throw that crap out!!!


  1. Good work! I really need to do this too, my cupboards are exploding and it's driving me nuts! It sucks that you reacted to the MUA lipsticks, that's scary...makes you wonder what they put in cheap lipsticks :/

    1. I was going to try them again, but truthfully I was too scared! It's a shame, some cheap cosmetics are fantastic, but these one obviously aren't for me... would love to see what you toss out (if you can ever bear to do it lol ) x

  2. Kudos to you for throwing "unusable" cosmetics out! I have trouble letting go sometimes, which may explain why my drawers are overflowing...

    1. Toss it all out Abi! It's like a cleanse :)

  3. Good on you for chucking these out! I really need to do this as well but as Abigail said, I also have trouble letting go haha and feel bad! I try to pass things on to family at least haha but that doesn't always go as planned :P

    1. This was not my first attempt at this Jasmine.. I swear I've probably tried it a dozen or so times, and each time I just packed them away neatly in boxes - believe me, there's more! I still have my wedding day lipstick - have not worn it since, and we've been married a decade! Yes, I said a decade!! Too sentimental to toss it out!! :)

  4. I threw out half a dozen of crappy old maybelline products a few weeks ago! You did a great job loz, I hate seeing unused products go but my lot is piling up as well. I'm deciding whether I should toss out my manly palette.. hmm

  5. Good on you for being sensible! I'm slowly working my way through it!