Friday, May 16, 2014

Sixteenth May, Twenty-Fourteen


  1. lmao!!! I haven't seen pretty little liars, I think my friend and her brother watches that show, great if you're into drama! I've been watching "new girl", mainly for zooey deschanel's fashion. hmmm what else...I've been kinda suffering lately too... are you up to date with orphan black s.2? I'm holding out for true blood's final season!

    1. I've got PLL season 1, so will give it a go. Am up to date with Orphan Black, still hooked on that one :) Could never get into True Blood, was never a fan of the casting (and they're together in real life!) Go figure?? But 'Vinnie" (aka Ryan Kwantan - Home and Away) naked is a big drawcard lol

  2. PLL is like a teenage version of Desperate Housewives - frankly, I love it!