Thursday, June 19, 2014

1000HOUR 3D Nail Wraps - Lucy - Review

Over the weekend I attended our annual netball fundraiser, themed 'A Touch of Sparkle'. Fitting the theme perfectly are these 'Lucy' 3D Nail Wraps by 1000HOUR.

For Fingers and Toes and lasting up to 14 days, these peel and stick nail wraps make sparkly manis too easy! Included in the packet are 32 wraps, in 10 various sizes (2 sheets of 16) to fit both fingers and toes.
Start with clean, dry nail beds and select the wrap to best fit each nail. Apply the wraps to your natural nails and fold down over the end. This marks where the wrap extends past the nail and makes trimming with nail scissors or filing with the included double-sided file easier.

These wraps are a clear base with (equivalent to) micro silver glitter polish with more silver (although they look gold in the photos below), almost water-like droplets ranging in size.  These are textured wraps - thus the 3D name.
Having my nails trimmed for netball makes them not extend over the length of my fingers, and for most nails I found the wraps perfectly long enough with the exception of the thumb. I didn't have to trim/file very much from the thumbs at all.

I was mega strapped for time after playing netball then showering and having to stuff around getting the Glameyes Lashes on :) I ended up trimming most of the excess off with nail clippers, then filed them to make them smooth - literally filing while in the car. I did get that little extra bit near my thumb off :P

For extended wear, you can apply a top coat - I did not do this. Without the top coat, they very quickly raised around the edges and I found myself fiddling with them!
To remove, gently peel off the 3D wraps, starting from the side corner for the cuticle area. Unlike other wraps I've tried where you actually use a remover or acetone to soak them away.
Unfortunately I peeled these off before going to bed that night. I had them on for a total of around 8 hours, and like I said, without top coat they'd already started lifting and that was annoying, especially if you're trying to comb your hair out of your face with your fingers! You all know what I'm talking about :)

I like that there's 32 wraps (really, they're stickers), making it very easy to get the correct size for most people. It also means that I can potentially wear these another 2 times (I may need to trim some of them to size).. I'll be sure to add a top coat next time to see how they wear. Even the 8 hours was adequate for my special occasion.

Have you tried any 1000HOUR products?


  1. They're really cute! Definitely would be perfect for a special occasion! xx

  2. They are adorbs! That's annoying, about the nail wraps lifting so quickly!

    1. I know, next time I'll try a nice thick coat of TC and see how they hold up :)