Thursday, June 26, 2014

Green Tea Peel Off ~ Montagne Jeunesse

Have you been finding that your cloth or sheet masks have been just a little too cold in this winter weather? The last time I used one, I literally shrieked when it touched my skin :-0
I recently purchased the Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Detox & Pore Cleansing Masque in this haul. I love all masks, and peel off masks add a little something extra (and fun) to a rinse/wipe off mask :) 
My skin has been behaving pretty badly lately, not sure if it's got something to do with the chocolate fundraiser the netball club has been running *wink* or perhaps I can blame some new product or another... 

I love these tubes from Montagne Jeunesse, much easier to use with less mess, and more for your buck. It says 'up to 10 uses' but I'm a little skeptic about that, I'll let you know how many uses I get out of it when it makes an appearance in an empties post. 
Green Tea is full of antioxidants which skin loves, Ginger also full of antioxidants to fight skin damage and Lemon, to revive and reveal toned, cleansed skin. The mask is a yellow tinged clear gel, which is somewhat sticky when applying. 

The usual simple 4 steps apply with this mask. Cleanse. Apply. Relax - 15-20 minutes. Peel. This had a very noticeable tightening as it dried, one of my favourite mask attributes. It also lost all stickiness once dried. 

Afterwards my skin looked clean and felt refreshed and smelt divine. Usually products containing lemon are my least favorite, but this smells clean and fresh, like you could eat it :) Peeling the mask off the lower half of my face was made simple by just opening my mouth really wide. It created a lip around the edge of the mask and I was able to simply loosen it. My forehead proved a little more difficult and I had to scratch a spot between my eyes to peel at. What was left resembled snake skin, there's no need to rinse afterwards, so this makes it an ideal mask when you're time-strapped but your skin needs some lovin'. No beauty shot this time :)

Available from Priceline RRP $8.99 80ml. I'm excited to use this again next week :)


  1. I tried a sample of this, I had to wash my face afterwards because it felt sticky after i peeled everything off :/

    1. Weird... The mask completely dried and lost any tackiness before I peeled it off... bummer...

    2. Perhaps it was too thick a layer? I like some peel off masks, but others can feel like you're doing a major wax!

    3. Haha Leah! That's always my biggest fear :) Thankfully this one wasn't like that at all lol x