Saturday, June 28, 2014

Instagram Mani Roundup and this weeks Currently

As previously mentioned, my camera lost a battle with our youngest child, so I've been using my phone instead. Which means all my nail pics have been bypassing the blog and going straight to IG. So, I'm here to share them here...

Going to netball shortly, gonna be a cold one. Hope I may have given you a little bit of polish inspiration :)


  1. omg. i love the marble manis!! they are so pretty how did you do it?!
    I started watching game of throne, it's fairly addictive!

    1. Thanks lily. They're sponged gradients using a makeup sponge. I just dampen the sponge first then apply polish to it then sponge it on :) lightest colour or white base coat is recommended :) I couldn't get into game of thrones, got so many TV shows to watch at the moment, lucky it keeps raining lol

  2. Love the polkadots! They are gorgeous!

  3. Omg super stunning nail arts!! Loved all! <3

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