Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Empties

The Usual Suspects...
Rexona Clinical Protection - said it before, I prefer the Dove one, but these are usually on special, and they do almost as good.
WotNot Natural Organic Facial Wipes (sample) - I don't like the organic scent of these. 
Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream - I have tubes of this, but am wanting to clean out my cabinet so trying to use them up.
Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm (sample) - I don't use products like this, it's a little weird looking and not for me. 


I.C.O.N India Healing Spray (sample/travel size) - I love this stuff! Really good for after you've coloured your hair and it's not feeling too flash :) Review can be found here.
So...? Kiss Me (sample) - this was a lucky dip from Lust Have it, and my re-introduction to the brand and it's delightfully youthful scents. Already have this in bigger bottle :) Review here.
Garnier Perfect Blur - Total Crap!! A try-hard version of the Indeed Labs Nanoblur - do yourself a favour and get the Nanoblur! Garnier review here and Nanoblur review here.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask - review here. Really good mask!! Very reasonably priced, one of my faves!
Princess Skincare Green Tea Mask - Reviews to come... am wanting to know though, how much are you willing to spend on cloth masks? $30 each? Too much? Okay? How about the box of 8 masks for approx $170?? Would love to know your thoughts :)

Designer Brands Medium Foundation - loved this! Love the grater, but I think it helped me to use it quicker! Have purchased a different brand to try - but would like this again.
Rimmel London Extreme Black Volume Mascara Flash x10 - pretty good mascara. I think it's discontinued?? I like to try different ones anyways :)
L'Oreal Base Magique Primer (sample) - I want to get the full size of this product!

Product Graveyard #4
The other half of the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation that I threw out in this post and two Maybelline Cool Effect eyeshadows that have been hiding in the cabinet for far too long!!

There. How good is it tossing out used products and getting rid of the crap you no longer use!! I'm getting better at 'letting go' :) Please comment below your thoughts on the price of cloth masks.. I've been asked for my opinion but I would love to hear yours too xox


  1. wow you finished your perfect blur? I'm struggling lol, I've been having bad skin weeks already, not too keen to put that rubbish on my face :/

    1. I didn't finish it!! Hated it! Wasn't worth the break outs trying to use it up.. such a waste of money :(

  2. Sad about the Garnier, and agree with you about the Happy Skincare stuff, but I'm curious about the rest of that range!