Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Favourite Jeans

How's your public holiday going? Just in case you're hitting some shops...

Larger girls can wear skinny legs too... can they? I've never been a fan of them on myself, and preferred straight-leg or trusty old-boot cuts :)
BUT... I have found my new favourite jeans EVER! And I figured I'd share them with you.
Crossroads is a girls best friend!! And their sales, wow! Seriously, I can't resist a good Crossroads sale and there's barely a time when they're not having one!
Anyhoo, onto the jeans.

Crossroads Skinny Zip Jean... 

I have the top right and (I think) the bottom ones. It's been a while since I bought them and the sales assistant had on lighter ones than the two I bought, but I'm not sure my darkest ones are the same as the bottom pair above. 
I know there's nothing very appealing about a pair of 'big girl' size jeans when they're on the tiny model and mannequin above, but rest assured these are really comfy and generous. 
Top Left is the Mid Denim - Top Right is the Navy Blue - both have a distressed wash finish. The bottom are a 'new' colour - dark Denim. All currently available for $39.95.
They have a hidden adjustable waist - you know, like little kiddies clothing? The elastic with buttonholes and buttons so you can pull it tighter. I think this is one of the reasons these jeans are so comfy, the waist band isn't really tight, so you may be able to avoid the dreaded 'muffin top' overhang, but you can pull it a little tighter for they've stretched a bit or if you just need the wider area across your hips and not your waist.
I also like that they have real pockets - as opposed to the fake ones :) You know, the pockets that aren't really there so you have to put your phone in your back pocket, and your keys, and your loose change...
They also have a slight taped out at the ankle to allow for cute winter ankle boots :) I have the exact same size on two colours, but they do fit differently.
The lighter ones are slightly tighter all the way down and a little shorter.. the darker ones are slightly longer and are a lot looser all the way down on me - so trying them on in-store is recommended. But if you've ever been into a Crossroads store, you should know that the sales girls (and guys?) are fantastic! In my local store, they tend to leave you alone, of course they offer their help, but then leave you to it. Even when you're trying things on, they're not pushy or all up in your face (and half nakedness in the change cubical!) :)
I think these are definitely worth trying on, for girls of all sizes. Sizes 8-22..


  1. I like the idea of the hidden waist bit! Can you do a post with an outfit of the day?

    1. Good idea Leah... I'll keep it in mind :)