Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Priceline Skincare Haul

I'm sure by now you've all see the Priceline Skincare goody bag up for grabs at the moment (if not.. where have you been!?!).. it's available both in-store and online (although they've had some technical glitches online...). Here's what I ordered from their site.

Yes to Carrots Mint Lip Butter
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist & Toner
Puretopia Eye Rescue Massaging Roller (see my review here)
Sukin Rose Hip Oil
Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Mask
Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil

As mentioned, they had a major technical hiccup when the bag was first offered online, and for that reason mine is yet to show up! Fingers crossed it does, because honestly, I only purchased all these goodies in one hit so that I could qualify :)
I'm told one will be sent out to me...
Did you give into temptation? What did you order to qualify? Wishing I had a store nearby so that I could walk away with the goodies already in my hands... :( and they're now running the free postage for two days!! Urgh!


  1. Yes, but they no longer have any skincare bags left! What use would free shipping be then? :) I also see some items in here that I bought! Good taste!

    1. I hate not having a store locally so I can snap these straight up! A bag is being sent out to me but not until the second week of July, am sure it will be worth the wait :) Love to see what you bought Leah x

  2. I didn't give in! haha. I was very very tempted and went to priceline several times. I have 2 bottles of Sukin's rosehip... It's good, but I can't stand the smell!! I might go back to akin.

    1. Good girl Lily! I'm not a fan of the any Rose Hip Oil scents (or most organic products for that matter) but the scent doesn't usually linger for long. I've not tried the Sukin one before so fingers crossed I find it okay... x