Monday, June 30, 2014

RCK Body Glow* Review

In recent weeks I've been to a few outings which called for short sleeves, and in two weeks time.. I'll be in a dress!! Eeek! Winter skin WARNING!! If you're over freezing your but off in the bathroom while you self-tan or standing in paper underwear and getting sprayed by a stranger, why not try the RCK Body Glow* in medium? This stunning luminous body lotion will stay put and not transfer onto your clothing. It will make your body shimmer and glow, evening out your skin-tone, and bronzing at once. Offering coverage to imperfections such as veins, cellulite, stretch marks, pigmentation, spots and wrinkles.

I enlisted the aide of my 8 year-old daughter and her arms to demonstrate, as it's physically impossible to photograph a shot of your own arms side-by-side :) and I'm not up to sharing photos of my legs to the www yet! :)
Shake the can well before using on clean skin. Do not apply over any other product. Smooth evenly anywhere you want a glow - so for me it's going to be my legs, arms, shoulders and chest.
But for today's post.. it's her arms...

The effect is instant as can been seen above. I applied the lotion to her right arm and you can see the healthy sparkly bronzed look. The micro shimmer is initially very obvious, however it does settle down once totally absorbed into the skin.
Skin appears younger, healthier, more even and celebrities love it!

Skin is left feeling soft and subtle. There's no scent, and the lotion is lightweight and easily applied. You will need to wash your hands with soap after application, or alternately use gloves or a mit.
I have experienced a small about of transfer onto clothing, though in truth I'm a very impatient person and had I probably waited a minute or two, I may not have had sparkly clothing :)
I elegant pump packaging makes application simple and the top can be twisted into the STOP position to prevent any unwanted product in your travel bag or all over your bathroom should you have kids!! lol
This is definitely a fun product and wash-off alternative to self/spray tanners. In warmer months I think the shimmery glow will look gorgeous teamed with bronzed makeup.
Have you tried the Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow? Have a different bronzer lotion you recommend? I'm sure to use this over the warmer months, with the exception of playing netball, my skin doesn't get much exposure during the winter.
RCK was developed by OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories and is recommended by Professional makeup artists worldwide.
Available from Priceline (here) for $49.99 150ml. Also available in Light and Tan.
For more information check out

*Product received for consideration


  1. I've heard a lot about it, but haven't had the chance to get my hands on it! It looks gorgeous on the hand!

    1. I really love the bronze glow. The shimmer settles after a while and it's so pretty x

  2. this looks so pretty!! at first instance, I thought it was a water bottle lol!

    1. Haha it does sorta look like a drink bottle! I'm looking forward to using it again at our footy ball in a couple weeks :)