Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Empties

Hello July! This will be a short and sweet post this month as I haven't used up very many products. Last month I began trialing a heap of new products so my half-used ones have all been pushed aside and yet to be finished. I've been following a few blogs who have mentioned doing a 'Beauty Diet' {you can read about Sophie's here} and although my spending isn't out of control and I am steadily using products I already own, I am putting myself on my own form of the 'Beauty Diet' to ensure I use up some of the crowded mess in my cabinets!
Let's see what I did manage to use up...

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
I trialled this as part of a review which you can read here. Great all over body lotion, really nourishing. Sticking with the whole Beauty Diet thing means I won't be needing to purchase this again at the moment as I have other lotions that need to be used up first, but I will repurchase when they're all gone.

Appelles Apothecary Rosemary Body Bar
This came in last months Lust Have it. I don't tend to use bar-soaps except when shaving my legs in the shower, so I wasn't thrilled to receive this. I'm not excited about it in any way, and due to lack of use it's dried up and splitting on my shower shelf... Not something I use so I won't be purchasing although I am interested in trying some of their other products. Appelles Apothecary products are made from Australia certified organic ingredients and tested in Sydney.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Medium & Brunette. I'd been wanting to try this coloured version for a while now. It was quite good, what I would expect Batiste dry shampoos to be like. I have long hair and I go through dry shampoo far too quickly. I like that you can be very generous with this one without getting a white powder overload. This is easily purchased locally so I'll grab another though I am interested in trying some other brands..

Olay Complete SPF 15+
This one will always make it into my empties post because I will always repurchase. I love the lightness of this lotion, quick absorbing, zero greasiness and very hydrating. It's also nice and cheap and easily found in the supermarket. Love it!

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream
I've been waiting for this to run out! Seemed to last weeks more than I thought it would :) I really like this, I can get a nice light cover from this, it evens out my redness and worked well when my skin was misbehaving and breaking out. I have a couple other BB Creams in the cupboard to use up (including the Dream Fresh BB Cream) before repurchasing this one.

Baji Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Formula Face Mask
If you missed my recent final use of this click over in the sidebar for my Instagram to see me getting my 'Shrek' on :) or see my review here. My favourite clay mask of all time!! The last of the mask had actually started to dry out in the jar, so I added a small amount of water and gave it a good mix :) worked a treat! Repurchase? Yes!

Princess Skincare Hyaluronic Mask
Best sheet mask available! Currently on the expensive side, I was fortunate enough to receive a box to try. I would certainly lash out and spoil myself with the occasional purchase. You can see my review from last year here.

Rimmel BB Cream Matte
Little sachet in Medium. I really liked this, actually potted this into a little container. It's a little orange toned for me but I can make it work. Quite good, when it comes time to purchase another BB Cream, I think it'll be a toss up between this and the Maybelline Dream Pure.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Hina Naz :)

  3. I've always wanted to try the Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes, but I need to start using up my other Batiste dry shampoos first!
    I also hate receiving bar soaps in my beauty boxes because I never use them. I throw them in my drawers to make my clothes smell nice though!

    1. Oh great idea for the soaps Abigail, mine never get used :)

  4. Ohhh... I have a can of that coloured Batiste dry shampoo in my cupboard but I haven't tried it yet. Can't wait for the current one I'm using to run out so I can give this one a go :)

    1. It's really quite good, so much easier to work into brown hair than others which can often leave a white/grey residue :)

  5. I'm coming close to finish my dry shampoo, they use up so quickly!
    Coloured dry shampoo sounds very interesting, would it transfer onto your pillow?

    PS. I am hooked on game of thrones!!

    1. I'll have to give Game of Thrones another chance by the sounds of it :) I've just watched the first season of Witches of East End... hmm? Not sure what I really think of it yet.
      I have black pillow cases most of the time so I really have no idea if it transfers onto them, I haven't noticed any on my clothing and it doesn't rub off onto your hands or anything like that :)