Monday, July 28, 2014

Lust Have it - July 2014

It's refreshing to receive this month's pack in this month.

Of the 5 products I received, four of them are full size. We also received a much better version of the bag, this time mesh with a zipper that doesn't snag every millimeter.. keep reading to see what I think of it all... 

MARSK Mineral Eye-Shadow RRP $24.95 (Full Size)
I chose the Gold shadow ('Rich List') on the Lust Have It Facebook page when we were given the option. For the last few months we've been able to choose between two products or colours, so if you've not 'Liked' their page I'd recommend it. It was a choice of this or a black, which I already own and prefer matte. The lid on mine is a little 'sticky' but not in the literal meaning, it jams as you twist it. Bit annoying... also not as pigmented as I would have thought, will wait and see how it applies... see swatch below.

LA MAV Organic BB Creme RRP $39.95 (Full Size)
I haven't heard of this brand, and was a little skeptical of a BB Cream for all skin tones and and types. Fortunately it seems to blend well and I hope to be able to work with this. Swatch below. 

LA MAV Organic BB Creme and MARSK Mineral Eye-Shadow in 'Rich List' 

ARDELL Self-Adhesive Lashes RRP $9.95 (Full Size)
I haven't tried self-adhesive lashes before, and this is the exact type of reason I subscribe to this service. To try new things. I'm a huge fan of the Ardell brand and their products and look forward to trying these. I'm more than happy to apply glue and reuse lashes, so I'm not sure I'd purchase self-adhesive ones, but its always nice to try :) Mine appear to be style 101S ??

DESIGNER BRANDS Nail Polish RRP $6.99 (Full Size)
I haven't tried a DB polish before, glitter polishes aren't my favourite but it's definitely something I can add to my collection.

AVEDA Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser RRP $54.95 (7ml sample)
I'm pretty sure I got this like last month, or the one before? There's a Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion also, but I'm pretty sure I got the cleanser and am yet to try it. At least if I like it, I'll have another to try before committing $55! :) 

I'm very happy with this months box, provided the BB Creme can in fact be used on my face! If it's not the right colour for me, then the excitement value of this box will diminish nearly altogether. The lashes will be fun to try, along with the shadow. Not thrilled with the glitter polish but my 8yo is already wearing it so it's not going to waste :)
What did you think of this months Lust Have it? Did you receive anything different?


  1. I received the exact same box last friday. very very happy with it, much better than last month's! Aw damn, I was hoping for the eyeshadow to be a bit more pigmented! I'm not too thrilled about the glitter polish either... I might wear it if I go to a disco or something (if that ever happens..)

    1. I'm not a fan of loose pigments, they make a mess! It's definitely not as pigmented as I would like..

  2. Lovely box! I really do hope the BB cream matches you!! I'd love to see how the lashes go, I've never tried self-adhesive ones Xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. I'm looking forward to trying the lashes, just need a function to wear them too :)

  3. That's pretty cool that that BB cream works for all skin colors. I would love to test it out one day!

    1. One day I hope to do a review.. thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Did we all get the same nail polish? How funny. I'm super excited about the Ardell!

    1. It is weird that we all got the same polish, I think the card had a couple of colour squares on it and none of them were silver glitter... perhaps they have trouble selling that one lol