Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nude Lips At The Moment

I've been keeping my face relatively nude-ish and plain in recent times. More and more I've been reaching for my creamy nude lipsticks and I wanted to share my favourites At The Moment with you today..

Horrible overcast skies equal terrible photographs.... but we'll begin with the liner from asap pure Mineral Lip Pencil in shade 'four'. I received this a while ago in a beauty sub box and was pleased with the colour. I don't regularly use a liner, but I love the colour mix I get when I team it up with one of my Maybelline Nudes Lipsticks. I do prefer the darker shade 740 Coffee Craze over the lighter 725 Tantalizing Taupe when used alone, but teamed with the asap liner they both look really nice - imo! :)
A near perfect match for the liner is my recent $2 purchase from boe beauty (get yours from BigW) in the form of their Jumbo Wind Up Lips pencil in #23 Better Bare. These two were made for each other!

Maybelline Coffee Craze ~ Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe ~ boe Better Bare ~ asap four
Mix'n Matching...
Asap Pure fourTantalizing Taupe...

Asap Pure four & Coffee Craze...

My lips and lipsticks do not play nicely and I usually end up with terribly dry lips afterwards, but these three lipsticks are very creamy and non-drying. None of them hold up for very long, but that's okay for me :)
Have you tried any other these favourites of mine? Have a nude you think I should really check out??


  1. Coffee craze looks pretty! I wasn't too excited by the nudes collection but I might have to have a look now :)

    1. I prefer a nude lip so I was excited by this range, but most are too pale for me, so I only picked up these two :)

  2. a part from a few funky colours, I am all about nudes!! My lips get dry when i apply lipstick as well... especially the long lasting ones like klara cosmetics.

    1. My lips are currently showing evidence that I've been wearing lipsticks frequently. My top lip is so dry!! Argh!