Friday, July 11, 2014

Rainbow Gradient Leopard Print & Currently

With a title like that how can you resist popping in for a looksy?
Sharing a mani from the vault today... school holidays have kept me busy and away from home. It's a little difficult to do reviews and take photographs with four kids in tow, so please excuse my recent lull in posts. Mid next week I should be back in full swing :)

Some sponging once again - I'll do a photo tutorial next week for anyone wanting to see how I do this. And I know I should be listing all the polishes, but I really don't remember!! I'm positive that the Yellow is COLOUR by TBN and the hot pink is Ulta3. The blue is possibly BC Co Shade 12 ? Stamping plate (I believe..) is m57. Thanks for stopping by, I promise to be around a bit more next week, here's what I've been up to.



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  2. I'm excited to see photos from your ball :D:D:D

    1. Was a great night! Not too many photos though... have got some makeup ones that I will share soon x

  3. PLEASE do a tutorial! I'm so impressed by your nail art - you're so great at it!