Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmys Fashion 2014

Okay, so truthfully I haven't seen a second of these, not the Red Carpet... Nothing. But that doesn't mean I didn't check out the fashions. My picks for this years Emmys are...

Kerry Washington.. VA VA VOOM!! Ticket on the Hot Tamale Train! Woo Woo! I love the colour, the bling and the sultry thigh high mini. Makeup.. tick :) 

Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer. Can you see a trend with the colour? I love this! Her hair is fabulous and I love the matching nails :) 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I swear this woman is pulling a 'Benjamin Button'.. she's stunning! Another colour fave, the coral tones were a firm favourite on the red carpet. 

One for the blokes, Peter Dinklage.. I love this guy! 

Piper Chapman.. aka... Taylor Schilling, stunning! Love the beading and the sneaky tattoo. 

I had to pick at least one flirty and fun outfit, and Kate Mara it is :) 

Not my faves... 

Lena Denham... do you think she wore this monstrosity on purpose?? I'd slump my shoulders too!

And Katherine... Urgh. Her hair's a little too 'urine' coloured for my liking and I'm just not loving the dress... 

Christine Hendricks.. cut off the bottom maybe?? Ew. Kudos for sexy red wavey hair though. 

And a special mention for...

Crazy Eyes! AKA Uzo Aduba. Check out those guns on another Orange is the New Black star. Must be all those prison pushups :) Love the colour of this one too. 

Okay, so Taryn Manning's dress doesn't really do it for me, but I am loving her hair! Pennsatucky looking lovely. (If you've never watched Orange is the New Black - I recommend!) 

So, do you think I got it right? Disagree? Tell me you faves so I can check them out 


  1. So agree with all your not your faves!

    1. Unfortunately there were so many more I could have added, they're actually the easiest ones to pick lol :) x