Friday, September 5, 2014

August Lust Have it!

This month saw Lust Have it celebrating their third(?) birthday. I think there were some pretty big expectations going around, but truthfully I'd decided I'd be thrilled just if if arrived in August! Which it did! So yay :) 

Of the five products in this months mesh bag, four are full size, including one which is too large for the actual bag. 

This month's product card

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment RRP $24.95 {full size}
Lightweight leave-in treatment, with a very distinct coconut scent; I know some people don't like coconut, but nothing smells more like Summer to me! I've only tried this the once so can't really pass judgement yet, I was hoping it would sooth and control my frizz, but that didn't really happen. I'll keep trying and keep you posted.

BioElixia BodyShaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Cream RRP $39, 150ml {full size}
So this was the one that wouldn't fit in the bag, it's not the first BioElixia product I've received from a beauty sub (and I do think it was LHi..) I'm not overly excited about this, I know their cellulite cream is quite smelly and I didn't notice any real difference, so I'm not holding out on any amazing results. I also don't like to apply creams to my torso (weird?) and since having my kiddies that's where the stretchmarks are...

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Facial Cleansing Wipes RRP $6.95, 25 wipes {full size}
Facial wipes are always welcome, I'm glad they're not more WotNot wipes and I've not heard of this brand. These so far, seem pretty good.

MARSK Eyeshadow Brush Pro-Line RRP $28.95
Wowsers, expensive little brush! The bristles are incredibly dense and so soft, I've been loving this and using it daily. I love the tightness of the bristles, allowing me to apply shadow with just the very tip also.

Bioderma Crealine H2O RRp $29.99, 250ml {deluxe sample 20ml}
Okay.. so I never jumped on this bandwagon, so I'm happy to give this a go. And the mini bottle is oh so cute! 

There was also a wad of vouchers and discount codes, all of which will likely be wasted on me. If anyone's after a voucher for ZODEE, Style Tread or MISSGUIDED let me know :) 
So what did you think of this month's selection? Did you receive the same? Let me know in the comments below xox


  1. Oooh! Mine's a tiny bit different - I'll be doing a review soon!

    1. Oh, you got the masque didn't you? Wish I'd have gotten it, I still haven't even removed the cap of the stretchmark cream ;) x

  2. A few others received a facial masque instead of the stretch mark cream.... I'm not too keen on the cream either, would've been much happier with the masque!!!

    1. Me too Lily! I guess you win some, and ya lose some :) perhaps it'll be okay as a nice thick moisturiser...? I'll have to check it out I guess! xx