Monday, September 29, 2014

In My Bag

Hi guys, well, I survived almost a week and a half living out of a caravan with four young children and my husband! We traveled over 2400km, saw long time friends, my sisters and their families and had some glorious weather! The kids loved seeing their cousins and well, sisters.. what more can I say? :)

So, wanna see what I packed in my toiletry bag? Haha, 'toiletry', such a 'Mum' word :D

I actually grabbed this bag along the way, $12 from K Mart if anyone is interested, it has the two large clear pockets on either side, and another smaller material one with a hook attatched to one end so you can hang it all up if you want to :) It fits a lot of stuff in there!

Here's some of the essesntials, I didn't bother photographing my 'shower' bag goodies, but if anyone's interested let me know and I can do that too :)

Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Spray, to keep my flyaways at bay. I don't tend to style my hair much when we're away as time usually doesn't permit, so a good hairspray - and this one smells A-Mazing - or some Polished London Cornwell Coconut Dry Shampoo* were my go-to this time around. Like I said, both smell amazing and are fantastic aids for simple holiday hair.

For my body lotion I have been using the Bondi Sans Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk* - while not being particularly travel-friendly packaging (I actually stored this in the caravan) I cannot go without this at the moment. Love the cocoa scent and the tanning is very gradual so there's no nasty orange spots :) I'll talk about this more in another post soon.

My trusted Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant also made the trip with us, along with some Dove Invisible Dry. I like to use the Rexona of a morning, but to freshen up during the day I prefer a spray, and this one is my fave at the moment. Topped them off with a spritz of So...? Kiss Me perfume. A perfect spring scent.

For my face, I'm still loving the Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist and keeping it very simple for my travels I used only some Olay Complete. I adore the feel of this lotion on my skin, absorbs very quickly and has a little added bonus of some sunscreen protection. (I do use an extra sunscreen when outdoors :))

Included in my bag was of course my makeup which I stored in one for the Lust Have it mesh bags, as seen in a photo above. So lets see what was in that...

I kept things very simple and neutral. Rimmel London's Fix & Perfect Primer, Match Perfection 200 Soft Beige foundation and the Stay Matte powder made up my daily base. I kept the lips simple with Boe Beauty Jumbo Wind up Lips in Better Bare. Natio's Pink Apples blush is so pretty I just couldn't resist taking it away with me, just look at that adorable imprinted packaging too!

The pencils are Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner - I only used this a couple of times. Models Prefer Black Cat liner and Bloom Cosmetics Eye Definer in Dark Brown. Rather than carry around my brow kit and brush I opted for the Mary Kay Brow Definer in Soft Black.

The eye shadow palette is Sportsgirl Wild at Heart - a prize from Leah :) - and I love the soft neutrals. There's only the one matte, I think it would be better if one of the lightest shades were matte also, but they're all pretty. My favourites are definiatly the top right and any and all of the bottom row. The bottom right is actually more olive-toned.

I also had a hairbrush and my mini hair straightener jammed in there too. It's incredible to think that these are all I had on hand for nearly 2 weeks, and now that we're home... it's like Christmas!! Drawers and baskets full of different goodies :)
What did you get up to on the first week of the school holidays? Would you have had to pack anything different/extra? xox


  1. ohh looks like a lot of nice stuff in your bag! and I love the colors in that eyeshadow :D

    1. It's a shame the shadows aren't a little more pigmented and like I said, I would like to see a light matte, but it's a great everyday palette :)

  2. I really like your travel bag! I need something like that to put all my goodies in instead of just chucking it in my backpack.

    Sometimes, I wish I was a teacher so I get all the kid's school holidays!! - but Xmas is just around the corner, i'm getting excited for my 2 weeks off :D

    1. School holidays are actually the worst time to go away, too many people and price hikes! Christmas is waaaaay too close! Perhaps I can just buy everyone one of these bags and a little something to put in it ;)