Wednesday, October 8, 2014

At The Moment - Mascaras

Do you recall a time when you had one mascara? And it was the only one you used? For me it would have been the Maybelline Great Lash, (which FYI - I still love and saw only yesterday on the Maybelline Instagram that they're revamped into Great Lash REAL IMPACT in the US, can't wait to try that one!) it was my go-to when I was a teen and I still love it but don't have any at the moment...
But lets talk about which ones I am currently using, there are four - and they're all 'drugstore' ones, making them super easy to get your hands on - and actually I threw one out last month, but let's include it anyway :)

Benefit They're Real Mascara RRP $38 available from Myer/David Jones
It was love at first try of this mascara for me. I love the waterproof formula, the brush {spiked plastic thingy}, the colour, the wear and longevity and how my lashes look! Check out the photo below for a nude lash and a They're Real comparison. Mine's starting to dry out a little, but I'm still dragging in out! I have a couple of the mini tubes to use before repurchasing the full size but I sure will be :) I get great lash separation and the brush/bristles are the perfect size for me.

{Benefit They're Real Mascara vs NUDE LASHES! eek!}
 Rimmel Scandaleyes ROCKIN' CURVES Mascara RRP $16.95 available Priceline
At first I was not a fan of the weird looking curved brush, and truthfully it's a little unnecessary, but again, I can make it work. With my Essence one getting old and dry, I wanted to try this - plus I needed it to qualify for the Priceline beauty bag :) I do like the formula, although I don't notice a whole lot of Rockin' Curves happening  - which is a shame because I rarely never curl my lashes and I would love to see this do it for me - you will see in the photo below that there is some curving when compared, but I think without the comparison, it's not particularly noticeable.

{Benefit They're Real vs Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves}
The Rockin' Curves brush is far too big, and yes, if you look closely at the eye on the right (my left eye) you'll see that I hit the lid! I always do! And the bottom lashes usually end up a mess too. Compared to the Benefit, the formula is a lot 'clumpier' and I do usually have to brush the lashes out a little, as clumping is not for me. So really, it creates an extra step as opposed to the Benefit.

{Benefit They're Real vs Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves}
{Benefit They're Real vs Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves}
Side by side, there's not a big noticeable difference, I do think I prefer the Benefit though, what do you think?

Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara
I was actually fortunate enough to win this from Maybelline. I find the formula similar to the Benefit and mine is the waterproof one, so perhaps that's why... This one comes with two brushes - spiked plastic things actually. One's been designed for your Upper Lashes and the other, much finer end, for your Lower Lashes. So the brushes are actually on the center part of the wand, unlike the usual end/lid/handle and this continued to confuse me repeatedly when I first started using it :)
I'm not sure there's really a need for the two different sized brushes for me personally, and I do usually tend to just use whatever end I opened ;) so it's probably not one that I'd sought out to purchase again, but that's just me.Here's today's eyes, looking a little sleepy :) it separates nicely, especially along the bottom lashes and as it's a drier formula, there's no clumping like the Rockin' Curves, but it can be a little too dry and I can get some flaky bits.

{Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara}

Essence Get Big Lashes - Volume Boost Mascara RRP $4.10 available at Priceline
I did actually toss this one out in last month's empties as it was finished, but here's my thoughts. I've seen a couple of reviews in which people have complained about this mascara. Mine was $4 well spent!! It's non-clumping, the brush is a little big - but manageable. There is a waterproof version of this but mine's the regular one. I don't notice too much smudging and it seems to stay put. For $4.10 I recommend trying this or any other Essence mascara. I know I will be :)

What mascaras are you currently using? Lusting after? I'm interested in trying the 'paintbrush-looking' newbie from Avon and will definitely be grabbing the new Maybelline Great Lash when it hits Aussie shores.


  1. Benefit's mascara gives me really nice lashes! But I get the occasional smudge every now and then. I'm currently using a mascara I won from Innoxa, so far so good! - very easy to wash off, perfect for lazy days... which is most days lol.

    1. Love winning makeup! I need to try the They're Real remover, cause it can be a real b@#$% to remove can't it! Of these ones, I really do prefer the Benefit, though I do like how the mini brush on the Maybelline one makes my lower lashes appear to multiply :)

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