Friday, October 3, 2014


Pretty small collection of empty containers this month. But lets take a quick peek at them anyways... 

Derma Sukin Daily Gentle Wash - I wasn't thrilled with this one. I much prefer something that lathers and this doesn't. Purchase? No. 
Goats Milk Soap - If I use bar soap, it's only to shave my legs with, and this is really nice, and much preferred over your usual soaps.. Purchase? Yes. 
Essence Get Big Lashes mascara - I really liked this one. The brush is somewhat on the large size, but the formula was good and for $4 I was very pleased.  Purchase? I'll probably try some of their other ones, but yes. 
So...? Original Perfume - The first So...? perfume, and one that I owned as a teen in high school :) Not my preferred So...? fragrance but definitely a wallet-friendly addition to any fragrance collection. Purchase? Again, I want to try some of the others, and So...? Sinful is my favourite! 
Fuss Free Naturals Aloe Vera & Cucumber Cleansing Wipes (sample) - these were okay. Better that some other's I've tried, I still have the regular sized pack to use up before passing judgement. Purchase? Maybe. 

I've also used the regular Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant, and am waving goodbye to some cheap brushes. The two black are from the Lust Have it Brush set- which FYI is crap! Check out the cheapy ones on eBay from Hong Kong instead, so much better!! And the white brush is an e.l.f Foundation brush, that I never use, but I needed to make some space :) 
Pretty pathetic post but figured I'd share it all the same, what did you use up this month? xox


  1. I was using the goat's milk soap for my back and arm pits at one point for dermatitis, it worked well for the first month then it somehow lost all it's magical properties.

    BTW - I've been watching a brit sci-fi-ish/mystery TV show called Utopia - it's not too bad if you're looking to kill some time :).. I hope orphan black and game of thrones will come back soon!

    1. ooh, I'll have to look that one up. I'm excited for Orphan Black too - last season did sort of drag a little though, so I'm hoping for something real exciting, plus I'm a bit of a romantic and was hoping Sarah and Paul were gonna hook up but he was with Rachel eeew! :) Love it!