Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hair Removal Made Easy - Featuring ANDREA*

With Summer coming fast, it's time to dig out the hedge trimmers and the brush cutters, and for some... the chainsaw :) 
One of my favourite ways to remove hair, is hard wax. The ANDREA Brazilian Hard Wax* kit contains all you need in one convenient little box. Okay.. so some of you may be thinking, 'overshare!'. But wax's like these, with sensitive skin formulas, are perfect for removing hair on all sorts of body parts.  
Personally, I went with my big toes (eew!), upper lip and chin this time around. If and when this wax does get a little peep show from me, I promise not to share the deets with you all ;)

 The kit contains Pre-Epilation Oil to help condition and prepare the skin, a very light, scentless oil; and a couple of 'spatulas' - they're mini Paddle Pop sticks. There's no need for muslin strips with this wax. I had a bit of trouble getting the screw lid off the first time, I had to use a butter knife to break the seal, some wax had stuck to it and there was no way I was screwing that baby off. 

Okay, so you heat this in the microwave, being very cautious of course. There's warming instructions in the leaflet, mine took the full 60 seconds. Ensure you read the instructions before use, and test the wax to make sure it's not too hot! This wax is a little smelly and reminds me of the Glue Melts we used to use in the factory I worked at, so that's a bit of a minus but it doesn't linger so that's a bonus. 
 If you're a little clumsy like me.. prepare for some fun! I had stringy bits going everywhere :)

A friend of mine once suggested to me not to use the spatulas to actually apply the wax, as you're re-dipping it back into the wax, kinda gross. So I use cotton tips to get the wax from the spatula and apply it with them. I find the little areas simple enough, not sure how I'd go doing the nether regions myself to be honest! 
There's always going to me an 'ouch' factor with waxing, but I find doing little areas not too bad. 

Do you have a particular hard wax that you prefer to use or recommend?
The ANDREA Brazilian Hard Wax kit can be purchased from Priceline for $14.95, new to Priceline, you can find out more about the brand from their website and see the full range available here

Now onto a product designed for facial use, which I once again use elsewhere :) ANDREA's Gentle Creme Bleach for the Face* kit makes dying dark hair simple and easy in your own home. 
Kit includes Creme Bleach 42g, Creme Activator 28g, plastic Spatula and Mixing Cup. 
Instructions are fairly simple, please be sure to read them before using! Simply apply a ring of Creme Bleach into the Mixing Cup, then add half that amount - easiest to go on top of the bleach for halfway around the cup - of the Creme Activator. Mix them together, and apply. I use this on my arms, this would be ideal for any dark hair areas you may have. The treatment only takes around 10 minutes, at which time you should wash off thoroughly with cool water. A milder mixture can be made up should you get any irritation.

There's a warning on the side of the box telling us that with any Hair Bleaching products, there's the possibility that darker skin tones may be slightly lightened, but should fade back to normal within 72 hours. I could see that my Bondi Sans tan was slightly lightened by my recent treatment too :) 

My arm hairs did lighten, a little bit. Not as much as I had thought, but then again this is a product designed for your face, so I want it to be nice and gentle. There is an Extra Strength Creme Bleach in the range for the body, so that's what I'll grab in the future. It also had a light, pleasant scent. My skin was a little dry after use, but nothing some lotion won't fix. 
Grab the ANDREA Gentle Creme Bleach for the Face kit from Priceline for $18.99. If you do pick up either of these or any of the range please pop in and let me know about it. 

Products marked with * provided for consideration


  1. I would prefer to remove, rather than bleach, I think. That sounds like a good hard wax, though.

    1. I tend to agree with you, though I do think it's easier to bleach your arm hairs, but for my face, I prefer to just rip those suckers out :)

  2. I am really messy when it comes to waxes! I've never tried bleach, but I've knew someone who would bleach their face ... well the hair on their upper lip. I'm a little iffy about using bleach on my skin because of the chemicals.

    1. Can'r recommend doing a test patch enough! Especially if its going to go on your face :) I have friends and family who bleach, use cream removers and waxes, I've gotten really good results from using this wax on my face... not too keen to DIY downstairs though lol x