Friday, October 10, 2014

I.C.O.N CURE for a Cause

Hey chickies, if may recall my recent post about the I.C.O.N Cure for a Cause gift pack which donates to Breast Cancer research with every purchase. Please check out that post for more details, my pack has arrived! I have been a fan of the I.C.O.N brand for a while and love the I.C.O.N India Healing Spray. This pack includes a 250ml & 60ml travel size of the CURE Replenishing Spray, a spray on and leave in conditioner. 
I purchased my pack from HAIR2GO at the discounted price of $32.95. There's also a bonus Pink Detangler Brush. They offer you FREE shipping if you sign up to their newsletter - so be sure to click on that before you order. 

Okay.. so what is the CURE Replenishing Spray? It's a spray-in conditioner treatment that adds strength, restores moisture, manageability, body and shine while protecting your colour. It's not a liquid, but a usual conditioner consistency, and it smells really nice. Like... something PINK! Haha, I'm not sure what the scent is, but it's a little sweet and very girly :) 

The 250ml bottle is big! And will last a long time, while the 60ml travel size is perfect for tossing in your travel bag, handbag, or maybe even your beach bag to help sooth those after-swimming frizzies.. I'm also looking forward to seeing if it'll help keep humidity-frizzies at bay... not something it claims to do but, will keep you posted on that ;)

My first detangler brush! Yep, I've never had one of these types of little palm-sized brushes. A bonus with the CURE For a Cause pack, the brush is from brand STYLE. I love that it comes with a cover for the bristles, I WILL be tossing this one in the beach bag! My hair tangles and knots so much when swimming, I think that'll be when I can really test this out. 

Conclusion? Awesome products for an amazing cause. Regularly priced at $54.90 you're really getting great value, as the individual Detangler Brush is recommended $14.95 - currently $12.95 stand alone. So that's a great little bonus. 

If you'd like to sample the CURE Replenishing Spray before committing to the large sized bottle and pack, check out this pack which includes 60ml CURE Replenishing Spray and Detangler Brush for only $16.95

♥♥♥ Please remember to check yourselves regularly and have regular checkups ♥♥♥


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    1. Always in need of a leave in conditioner! And love the detangler! Great for my daughters very tangly hair. x